Monday, June 4, 2007


In response to an email, Tim Jackson made these comments:
"I have checked out the blog, call it up every couple of
days to see what is new. There are some pix of people now. I find that i have
to look at the arches yearbook when there are new postings.

I checked to see if there was an email address for Jim Bruder, i think
his family owned a chevy dealership back then. You don't have anything
on him do you.

I am always amazed at how many people remain local and seem to stay in

Bob's is not there still, is it??? Will be checking the blog for new
entries. Tim


Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

Hi Tim,
I checked the list of guys provided by the NDHS Alumni Association. Bruder's name isn't on it.
There is a Bob's Big Boy in Burbank/Toluca Lake. The only one I know of still around.
Glad you checked in.
Jerry Fecht

Dan Baedeker said...

Great to hear from you, Tim. Looking forward to Oct. Didn't Bob's once get shut down for a while for serving horsemeat? The Big Boy long predated the Big Mac, and was even sloppier and probably even more cholesteronic. But at least most of us are still here!
- Dan Baedeker