Saturday, June 9, 2007


The most generous class ever at NDHS was the class of '57, those willing to test vocations. (Note they had not yet earned their cinctures)
I'll give you Fr. Mike Adams, Bro. Richard Daley CSC. & Bill Crawford "58. You've heard from some of the others already. Have fun subtracting hair & adding beards. Art McCulloch

Identification begins: left to right Porch of St. Joseph's Noviciate, Rolling Prairie, Indiana August 1958
Back Row
1) Stephen Walsh*, 2) Dan Zerfas, 3) Norm West, 4) Charles Martinez 5) Ed Heller 6) Michael Adams 7) Tony Fadale

Middle Row 1) David Rice* 2) Terrence Hill 3) Fred Dunn 4) Mike Dudley 5) Tom Tremer, 6) Frank Servedio 7) Richard Daly

Front Row 1) John Crowe, 2) Herb Perkins*, 3) Bill McKie 4) Mike Boyd, 5) Tom Bronchetti 6) Bill Crawford.

next to Bill Crawford both class of '58.

* Steven Walsh is from St. Anthony's in Long Beach. In 2007 he remains a Brother and was President of St. Edward University, Austin, Texas.

Front Row 1 John Crowe now at Rancho San Antonio, Chatsworth
2 Herb Perkins, St. Anthony's HS, Long Beach

From the NDHS class of 1958: Bill McKie, Mike Boyd and Bill Crawford


Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

The only person I can identify is Mike Adams in the top row. Who wants to try to identify these fellows.
Jerry Fecht

John Heaphy said...

Row 2 Fred Dunn, Tom Tremer
Row 3 Dan Zerfas, Norm West, Tony Fadale

I remember visiting with these guys in Rolling Prairie probably in the winter of 1957 before I left ND. Went up there possibly with Gary Gierok, Frank Salerno, Jay Witney and maybe Dan Luecke.

Fred Dunn said...

Top row left to right: 2) Dan Zerfas, 3) Norm West, 4) Charles Martinez, 6) Mike Adams, 7) Tony Fadale
Middle row, left to right: 3) Fred Dunn, 4) Mike Dudley, 5) Tom Tremer, 6) Frank Servedio, 7) Richard Daly.

Not shown: Walter Griffin

Art McCulloch said...

Goor work. Front row right Tom Bronchetti next to Bill Craford both class of '58.

"Daddy Joe" Wetter said...

Isn't the 4th guy from the left in the front row Mike Boyd, '58?