Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Reseda Park in the 1950s.

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Tom Archer died in 1957 during his senior year at NDHS
Tom was killed in an automobile accident
Bob Bold USN - source: John Heaphy
Bob was killed in the Viet Nam war.
Alex Bryant source Jerry Fecht
Alex was a bankrupsy judge in Arizona
Joseph DiLuccia source: NDHS
Jim Flynn source: NDHS
Jimmy died young of a heart attack
Tom Gagnie source: NDHS
Phil Grayson source: NDHS
Steve Kingsford source: NDHS
John M. Lawson source: Susan Lawson -
John died from complications from Alzheimer's disease
Jay McDonald source: NDHS
Bob Meyer - source: John Heaphy - grad of the Catholic University of America
Richard Muller source: NDHS
George Rice source: NDHS
Bill Robertson source: NDHS
John Rossman source: NDHS
Ralph Ruiz source: NDHS
Tony Salas source: NDHS - possibly in air plane crash
Tom Schmidt source: NDHS
John Slavin source: NDHS
Phil Stoermer source: NDHS
Tom Tremer source: NDHS
Bill Westmyer source: Jerry Fecht - Bill was a retired police officer - Pierce College
Bill died from complicatons from diabetes
Barry Wilkoff source: NDHS
Dale Wyman source: NDHS
John Zwolinski source: NDHS - John pulled Bill Souza & Jerry Fecht of a burning car.

Thanks to Katie Feeney NDHS Alumni office