Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Iinside of Mike's cozy home.

May was a super busy month. I finished the barnwqood at the barn dinning area abd ut was si effectuve that i decided to do the same at the south east corner. We get a lot of blowing snow from that side.

Wild asparagus started coming up. We can pick a couple of pounds every four days until we give up and let it go to seed

Finished trimming the windosw inside and out at the south east corner of the barn.

Finished trimming the 130 trees on the property.

I started new job at lumber co 3 days a week. pay ok but great material discounts so i have decided to add a garage to the barn and turn the shop into marcia's craft room. (i've been run out)

The renters moved out. We had new renters in three days after posting a glyer at the post office, gas station and market. Raised rent from 585 including water, trash and dish to 645 and added satalite hook up. their 6 horses will add another 90 for a total of 735.

Since the house was free for a week, I painted two bedrooms, fixed broken tile in the kitchen and added a dinning room deck and started painting the exterior.

Finished planting the garden. The spinach, peas, onions and lettuce that I planted in Apr are just about ready for picking, even after being frozen and snowed on sevaearal times.

June will be mow mow mow after I get the fix it parts for the mower Mike Sarff

Sun, 1 Jul 2007 16:18:56 -0600

Finished painting west side of house. Installed new railing at the front porch and started painting north side of house.

Installed windows at the s west corner of the barn and trimmed inside and out with barnwood.

Had guests, Bill and Elaina Lee from teaching life and Maury and Kathy Mc Chesney from our ski shop life. Off diet for eight days and we each gained three pounds. Went to Telluride and did tourist things. Bill and I demolished more of the old barn so he could have pieces for his work benches. Maury helped with the trimming of the windows.

Went to a friends to help him finish putting the canvas top on his barn but his cow had twins and she wouldn't feed them so while phil spent hours relieving the udder pressure Marcia and Maury fed the calves.

It is not good when a water feature forms next to the leach field. Drained water feature and area behind barn. Now have two rivulets draining to the canyon. Trenched for the garage footings while I had a tractor here.

The free irrigation was finally turned off and we can start drying out. Maybe even have less bugs.

Finished forming for concrete and placed ledgers and four buttress prior to pouring concrete.

Cemented rock steps to the laundry facility. Outside kitchen the next project Ye all come, I need more design help for the ultimate barn

Mike Sarff

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