Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The stage in the auditorium/basketball gym at Notre Dame had four heavy wooden Greek pillars.
When the Atonic League was working on an idea for a skit, before the big football game with Mount Carmel or Saint Anthony, Bob Colona (I think he was a sophmore while we were juniors), invited us to meet in the recreation room at Bob Hope's house in Toluca Lake.
There we created the true story of Caelius Juser, the real emperor of the Romans.
I entered from the front door, dressed in rags and carrying a shepard;s staff, calling out "repent!" "Repent!"
Brother Robert glared at me, but the guys went wild.

I am sure Alex Bryant played the part of Caelius.
When the band of Senators approached him with foul murder on their minds (years before Tony Soprano), Alex shouted "What has brought you out on such a dark and fearful night, pizza?"

Bob Colona, the son of Bob Hope's USO troop's Jerry Colona, went on to found the Rhode Island Shakespear Company.
Jerry Fecht

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