Friday, June 15, 2007


The following biography is taken sent to the "Phaetons', a San Fernando Car Club, and shared with the Alumni Office at Notre Dame High School.

"I graduated from Notre Dame in 1957 and enlisted in the Navy in 1958. After boot camp and submarine school in 1959, I served in San Diego, WESPAC and the Pacific on submarine duty until 1962.
After the Navy, I returned to my job at Vons Market, enrolled in an art class at night school and I became engaged to my Patricia, who I married. We met on a blind date.
In 1963 I was a full time student at Chouinard Art School, which later became Cal Institute of Arts in Valencia, (Disney sponsored). I had to drop out of art school to provide for my growing family, first Richard, then Trazi (Tersca) in 1967 and Ammer (Anne Marie) in 1970.
Our interest in the movie industry started with my Dad, who worked 30 years for 20th Century Fox. He worked on films including: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, "I was a Male War Bride" "The Black Beauty: "The Black Hornet" and other films. My son Ric had a picture with Bruce Lee when he was six years old.
After years in the Men and Boys Choir, my son Ric joined the Air Navy and flew A-6s and E-2Cs. He is now a school teacher in Cleveland. My daughter Trazi works in Private Investigation
In 1981, I retired from Vons at the age of 50 and joined in the Air National Guard and full time in 1988. I worked on WRSK (War Ready Spare Kit) for C-130s out of Point Magu, NAS. That duty took me across the US fighting forest fires, to Central and South America for humanitarian trips, and to Panama just prior to Noiriega's capture. I've been in Lima, Quito, Bogotá and drove across the Panama Canal. I got to visit Stonehenge, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Saint James Park, Scotland Yard and Trafalgar Square, 221 Baker Street, and the Tower Bridge. I retired in 1998 as an E-7 Master Sergeant at 60.
Pat and I are enjoying my retirement. We have traveled to Greece, Switzerland and Germany. Next is to revisit Greece and Egypt."

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