Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tony Fadale will be at our big 50th Reunion,
will you?

Now that the last episode of the Sopranos is over, Tony "The Enforcer" Fadale is spending his relentless energy organizing our 50th Reunion. Tony doesn't want anybody to feel any undue pressure about showing up at the reunion, but he would like to remind you all that he has an extensive family in New Jersey.


Tony Fadale said...

Da boss says you'es guys have been using my name in ways in which he is not happy about. So to that end, we's decided to set tings straight. First, do as Jerry says and come to da reunion. Two's, be sure to note in my photo the intensity in my eyes because I mean it. Lastingly, all my relatives in New Jersey are in state penitentary but they send their love (or a friend if you don't respond to your invitation to da reunion). Have a good day!

Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

Roy and Robert LoBianco's wonderful mother Epiphania Zoda LoBianco told me that it was not nice to tease people about being in the Italian underworld.
Bribed with biscoti regina and the greatest espresso in the world, I promosed that I would not harass Italians for at least 45 years. Time's up Tony!
Jerry Fecht

Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

Does anyone remember an NDHS family by the name of Fazzio? My wife Janne and I bought our present home from them in Tarzana over 25 years ago. I'm pretty sure all of the boys went to Notre Dame, but were in other classes.
I bought the house right away. Mrs. Zoda served me biscoti regina and espresso. Our realtor had been a Playboy bunny.
I am influenced by mystical things.
Jerry Fecht

Gerald R. Fecht said...

Tony says:
There was an Ernest Fazio at ND, who was a senior in
'64, when I taught there in 1961 to 1964. He spelled his name with one
z. Is that the family you mean?

Yep, I misspelled Fazio. They were, and I hope still are, a splendid family. Jerry Fecht