Saturday, June 23, 2007


Ok guys, let's get busy identifying these fellows.

Start with the top row: left to right
1) Richard Thesing, 2) John Stahl, 3) Chuck Eberley 4) ______________ 5) Mike Adams, 6) Dan Baedecker, 7) Gabe Bonnet and 8) Mike Arlotto

forth row - 4th from bottom left to right
1) ----, 2) *Gary Gierok, 3) Bud Pratte, D.D.S '58, 4) *Jerry Hess '58, 5) Frank Salerno, 6) Bob Laughlin, 7) Jim O'Hanlon, and 8) Fighting John DeCoster, 9) Pasquale Gabriel (Clas of '59)

middle row - 3rd from bottom - left to right
1) Pat Johnson, 2) Jim Conway, 3) Dan Luecke, 4) Phil Kridler, 5) Ron Delamare, 6) Rich Marrone, 7) Pete Psateri, 8) Dick Powers

second row: left to right:
1) Tony Kopay '59 _ 2) Tony Fadale, 3) Mike Tenk, 4) Bob Souza, 5) Jim Flynn, 6) Paul Maxwell, 7) Geroge Skall '59, and 8) Pat Smith.

front row - Yell Leaders: left to right
1) Bob Trinity 2) ____________ 3) Nick Fontin '59 - 4) Vince Fadale '59 (Tony's bro. soph)

Brother Joseph Everett CSC is the keeper/ err....... sponsor?

Chuck Eberley NDHS 57 later a RCMP (Mountie)

Out-take from larger photo - bottom guy is Paul Maxwell


Pat Curtis said...

Second row, 1st on the left: Pat Johnson

Richard said...

Can't wait to see you in October!
This pic of the monogram club is a classic!
How do I get in touch with you?
Be well,
Rich Marrone

Gerald R. Fecht said...
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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Patrick Curtis said:
What was this group photo? Knowing might help identifying the guys! I THINK the guy second from the left on the top row MIGHT be John Strahl. (sp)

Jerry's note: I added John to id list.

Gerald R. Fecht said...

Tony Fadale said:

please post the following response to Pete Pusateri's post of
the Pep
Club photo. I am having trouble with Google recognizing my password.




Hi, Pete. So good to hear from you. I presume I will see you October.

In the photo you posted, The Pep Club, the yell leader in the bottom
far right is my brother Vince. He was a sophomore at the time. The
rest of
the guys, for the most part, are seniors from the class of '57. I am
in the
second row from the bottom. I am the second guy in from the left and
guy on my left is Mike Tenk. Directly behind Mike Tenk, in the third
from the bottom, is Dan Luecke and the guy directly behind me is Jim
I will leave it up to others to post the names of more of the Pep Club

Gerald R. Fecht said...

Joe Wetter says:

-1. Here are more of the names of guys in the pictures. Where I'm not 100% sure who the person is due to the blurry picture (at least to these old eyes) I've indicated with an asterisk *.
-1. Front Row - Bob Trinity, ----, *Nick Fotine '59, Vince Fadale '59
-1. 2nd Row - Tony Kopay '59, Tony Fadale, Mike Tenk, Bob Souza, Jim Flynn, Paul Maxwell, *George Skalla '59, Pat Smith
-1. 3rd Row - Spencer P. (Pat) Johnson, Jim Conway, Dan Lueke, *Phil Kridler, Ron Delamare, Rich Marrone, Pete Pusateri, Dick Powers, Brother Joseph Everett C.S.C.
-1. 4th Row - ----, *Gary Gierok, Bud Pratte, D.D.S '58, *Jerry Hess '58, Frank Salerno, Bob Laughlin, Jim O'Hanlon, Fighting John DeCoster, ----
-1. Back Row - Rich Thesing, John Strahl, ----, ----, *Mike Boyd '58, Dan Baedecker, ----, Mike Arlotto
Keep up the good work!

"Daddy Joe" Wetter

Vince Fadale said...

#2 cheerleader is Rene Valle '59. #9 next to DeCoster is Pasquale Gabrielle '59

Vince Fadale said...

#2 Cheerleader is Rene Valle '59. #9 next to DeCoster is Pasquale Gabrielle '59 Have a great reunion! Vince Fadale (aka Tony's little brother)