Friday, April 20, 2007


Hi Ancient Friends,
To help us revisit our fading memories and to lay claim to who did what,
this is our very own Notre Dame High School Class of 1957 Blog.

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These may help you get started.
Remember Mr. Martinka - and how the Atonic League voted to finish off what the god Zeus had failed to do. Martinka had been struck by lightning in Minnesota the summer before he began teaching at ND. Bert Falvo said to the League, "Jay Whitney ought to somehow be able to figure out how we could make lightning."
When Tom Schmidt won everlasting respect by hitting Br. Cashion on the inside of his glasses with a spit wad, as Br. Cashion was outlining the main battles of the Civil War on his blackboard. Schmidt got months of detention for owning up to the deed, but breaking the NDHS spitball record was worth it all!

If you want to contact the school re the Big giant 50th reunion, Katie Feeney's address is:
My job is to stay alive long enough to see you all at the Reunion - Jerry Fecht


Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

About our Blog, Dave Hannah says
"Great idea."

George J. Barry said...

We have rescheduled our annual Arizona winter trip to October to attend this 50th reunion. Now all I have to do is find the right color hair dye for my gray/white hair and lose 25 pounds.

Hello to all from Maryville, TN.( Smokey Mountain country ).

George Barry