Sunday, April 22, 2007


Olivia de Havilland and Patrick at her 90th birthday party - June 2006
Olivia de Havilland and Patrick - 1939

Pat Curtis says: I played "Baby Beau Wilkes" the SON of Melanie & Ashley Wilkes, (Olivia De Havilland, & Leslie Howard) NOT a girl!!!

Jerry Fecht says: Patrick, I always knew you were a guy.
In the little town of Mexico, Missouri where I was born, they did a Franciscan Chistmas pageant. In 1938, my sister Dorothy played the Virgin Mary and my brother Jimmy was a shepherd. I was the baby Jesus. It has been a difficult thing for me to have lived all these years in that type casting.

We need Mike Walls and Bob Trinity's email addresses.


Richard said...

Both your tie and your hair make me a trifle jealous!
Take care,
Rich Marrne

Richard said...

Me again- the 'o' slipped out of my paisan last name, which, as you may know, means either the color brown or chessnut, depending on how you want to play it!
Rich Marrone

Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

Hey Pat, did Ms. De Haviland tell you how she fixed Errol Flynn for flirting with her on the set of Robin Hood,
Art McCulloch

Patrick Curtis said...

Art, if you mean about her kissing him six or seven times, and noticing that he was having a bit of "difficulty" in his tights, yes, she told that story at her birthday party, on June 15th, 2006, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Patrick Curtis said...

Rich, both the tie and the hair are very old. One hangs in my closet most of the time, the other just gets older & grayer every moment!