Sunday, April 22, 2007


From the time Bill Westmyer was a student at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, he dreamed of being a policeman. He loved everything about being a cop. If he could have been a sheriff in the wild west, his life would have been perfect. His dad was a big, hard-working gruff old German-American guy with a big heart. Bill's mom was a sweet little Italian lady who loved to cook for the family and all of her kids' friends. At NDHS, Bill was a member of ND's underground Atonic League and pledged to making Brother Gordian's life more difficult. He introduced us all to Tiparillo cigars. His family lived in Encino.
After graduating from Notre Dame, Bill attended Piece College where he joined the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity. That Fraternity had chapters at Valley, Pierce, CSUN, LA City College and Virginia Tech. It was loaded with Notre Dame alumni. Bill stayed loyal to that group all his life.
Bill worked for his dad's pool-coating business. It was toxic as hell, and everyone who worked at it died young.
Our classmate was married three times. His last marriage was the most successful. At the time of his death, Bill was a retired police officer. Most of his police career was spent down by El Centro, California.
He worked for sometime as a private detective, so tracking down our lost friends wasn't very difficult. He belonged to several police-oriented associations and airplane groups. At the time of his death, our lifelong friend lived in the California mountains near Big Bear.

Note: Tormenting the Brothers of Holy Cross was never meant to be cruel or mean. According to Alex Bryant, "long suffering" was a virture, and our plots simply helped the Brothers advance in their spiritual lives. JF

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