Sunday, April 22, 2007


Thanks Gerry. The Blog is very nice looking.

On a sad note, in case you are not aware; we lost one of our NDHS people a couple of months ago. Dale Wyman (1957) died from complications to his heart and of being confined to a wheel chair for over 30 years. He was a good friend, and although I did not see him anywhere near as often as I should have, he was always in good spirits.
On the cheerful side, I have moved up to the San Jacinto mountains and am loving it. We live in Mountain Center, CA. Population 300 if you stretch the truth a bit! Between Hemet and Palm Springs and 4 miles from Idyllwild. That's about it from here for now.
Regards, Ron Perry (1957)

Hi Ron,
Sorry to hear about Dale Wyman. Maybe you can share a couple of your favorite stories about him?

It is lightly raining in Tarzana, so I'll bet it's snowing in Idyllwild? When I went to ND, I lived on Kittridge right across from the Van Nuys High School football field. (Actually, my future wife Janne Shreves was going to school there at the time.) Just north on Kester Avenue the actor Andy Divine lived. He opened a saloon-type place in Idyllwild. Alex Bryant and I discovered that we could order drinks there without being carded. I fell into a ditch on the way back to our rental cabin, but didn't feel any pain until I went back to school the next Monday. When I complained to my mother about my bruses, she said as any convert to the Church would have, "Just offer it up!"
One of my former students brought us four bags of daffodill bulbs from Idyllwild this March. Naturally, I strained my back planting the damned things. A voice from my mother said from the sky, "Just offer it up!"
Thanks for writing us Jerry Fecht

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