Sunday, April 22, 2007


Note from Tony

Thanks, Gerry, for the blog. I am sure there will be some of our
brethren who will contribute. I know I will.

How many people did you let know we have this blog? Do you think Katie
can create a link from the NDHS web site to the blog? Maybe that way we
may get more traffic from our class? Would you ask her if that is a
possibility? Tony

Note from Jerry Fecht
I've sent out a notice about the Blog to everyone on Katie's Ecel list. A lot of the guys don;t have email addresses, which is not to be unexpected. The stresses of modern technolgy are hard on those advancing with age. Speaking of advanced aging, Tony how did that knee replacement go?

This is a test to see if Katie is reading this Blog stuff. Can we link our Blog to the NDHS website? Jerry Fecht

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