Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm off to Palermo, Italy in the morning. I'll get in touch with you upon my return on May 3rd. Thanks for all you're doing for our class!! Patrick Curtis

Patricio (as they say in Palermo) glad to hear from you.
I went to Sicily for two week last summer and was just amazed! What a great place. Brother Eugenio would have been proud. The first thing I saw was a billboard for LoBianco cookies, so I bought Roy a package, but ate them on the airplane back to the States. Anyway, LoBianco (Class of 1956) never bought me any cookies in Sicily.
Brother Eugenio was really ticked on time with Al Aquino (Class of 1958). He said, "Aquino, why do have to be such a no good punk. Don't you know you have a holy name?" Aquino asked what Brother meant. "You never heard of Saint Thomas Aquinas?" Brother hiked up his cassock and muttered, "Saint Thomas Aquino!" From what I hear from Al Aquino, he is still working on that saint thing.

Did you guys know that Pat was a movie star before he was a year old? He played the part of the baby girl in Gone With The Wind.
Jerry Fecht

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Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

Looks like Pat Smith is a strong candidate for least changed over 50 years.
Art McCulloch