Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hi Jerry, this is Eugene LaMore. I was a non-outstanding student at
Notre Dame. I worked, paid my own tuition and bought my clothes while at
Notre Dame. I never studied or did home work and joined the Army a week
before graduation. I don,t think my picture is in the last couple of year
books because I didn't bother to have my picture taken.

I was barely 17 when I went into the army. I was sent to Germany and
was there when Elvis got there and was still there when Elvis left. I was
a PFC (private first class) when Elvis was drafted and still a pfc when Elvis
made SGT and got out of the army.

Notre Dame threw my H.S. diploma away because I didn't pay them $12.00
for the rental of the graduation gown which I didn't use but had ordered so
I don't have a diploma.

After three years in the army I still was to young to drink and became
a union carpenter. I then got a B.S. in business from San Fernando State
and a J.D. from Loyola Law School. Married for the second time at age 38
and had three girls. One is a lawyer in San Jose and gets married in
August, another is a C.P.A. in Washington D.C. and the third is a R.N. in
Dallas and married.

I was a lawyer for 33 years in San Jose got a second divorce, quit and
moved to Thailand where I have a condo, a girlfriend and a 4 month old baby
girl, Anonta Paris LaMore.

I have no money for the first time in my life and am happy.

Hi Eugene,
I wonder if we came up with the $12, if ND would give your diploma?
When I first went to anykind of reunion, everybody asked about diplomas
and the kind of impressive jobs guys had. Now people ask me about
what kind of health care plan I am on, and how to order prescriptions from
Thailand. You've answered the most important question for me, that you are
Jerry Fecht

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Richard said...

Good for you, Gene!
You are vividly remembered by me, and perhaps you recall me as well.
You should be proud of what you have decided to do, and, who knows, maybe I will join the stream of Swedish vacationers and drop by to see you and your new family, if it is not too much of a hassle for you!
Stay happy!
Rich Marrone