Sunday, April 22, 2007


Ah, "Das Liberator' Lives!
Hey, that's Cassion er Cassien er Cassian. Wull anyway it's not Cashion.

As Pursley used to say,"Huh, that's a real knee slapper, Brother."
Regards, Art McCulloch

Greeting Art,
Or as we would have called you in those good old days, Artaton Von McCullocheart.
Saint Cashion (Cassion er Cassien er Cassian) was martyred by his students. They stabbed him
to death with their writing stylluses. Our poor teacher Brother Cashion er Cassion er Cassien er Cassian
was from Texas. He told the worst jokes ever! The Atonic League met to decide what to do about his
corny jokes. Alexagild Von Nefer KhufuBryantheart declared that any joke that Brother told was from
that time on funny to the Immortal Gods - so it has to be terribly funny to the League.
Ernie Pursley won everlasting adminiration by wiping away tears from his eyes and saying "That was a real knee
slapper, Brother!"

When Schmidt got him on the inside of his glasses with that spit wad, Alex muttered gleefully, "Offer it up Brother."
Jerry Fecht


Richard said...

Agreed, Bro Cassius was an original and who could ever forget 'jumping Joe Eugenio'? I wonder if he has met up with his nemisis, Felipe Najar, on the 'other side-!
Be good!

Art McCulloch said...

Jumpin' Joe is JJ in my memory to this day. I remember that Pep Rally & Bro. Charles about to pop that vein in the center of his forehead, but who dubbed Bro E as Jumpin Joe? Was it the author of "Who Moved My Cheese?"