Wednesday, May 2, 2007


painted the front gate. it needed paint when we bought the place. only three years to get around to it. next thing to paint is the outside of the rental house.

finally finished triming the trees. most of the trees needed trimming form the ground up to six feet. i would not have started if i had known there were 130 trees.

windows are now in for the barn dinning area next to the bar. need to trim and finish with barn wood.

the garden that i started the first of apr came up. the beets and corn did not survive the 24 degree freeze. the apr 15 expansion also came up but everything is just sitting there waiting for warmth to start growing.

the water people turned on the irrigation water the second week of apr so i have now flooded the fields twice. usuall y we do not get water until the first of may. now i will have to mow in may instead of waiting for jun.

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