Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Few of us could believe the news that our classmate Tom Archer was dead.
I can still see the students on the Notre Dame quad standing in little knots of disbelief.
That car accident had taken away not only a friend and a buddy, but confronted us all, who viewed oursleves as graced with young men's immortality.
Saint Charles Church in North Hollywood was a sea of Notre Dame blue the morning of Tom's funeral.
All our tearless high school bravado failed us that day, and we were just boys.

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Dan Baedeker said...

Jerry -
Remember Tom fondly. Why have we been given 50 extra years to fritter away? Hope to make the reunion and compare notes on how everyone is falling apart. At 92, my Dad is in better shape than I am. Your blog is great, and will try to figure out how to post to it.
- Danaton von Baedekerhart