Friday, May 11, 2007


Italian Wine Country here I come:

Hey, Dan Baedeker, I understand you are a buyer of Italian wines. My wife and I are going over May 22 for 14 days and visiting a couple of wineries in the Soave area. Both are run by Tessari families (my wife's maiden name). One is ca'Rugate and the other is LaCappuccina. We also plan on visiting the Castello Il Palagio winery in Tuscany. Let me know if you have anything to say good or bad about either. You can email me at

I hope to see you at our 50th in Sherman Oaks at NDHS.

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matteo said...

Joe -
Sorry I just noticed your message - you are leaving today! Buon viaggio!
You'll have a great time, and they are excellent wineries. Will drop you an email.
- Dan Baedeker