Thursday, September 27, 2007


Carlos Martinez -- Notre Dame High School -- Class of 1957

Bio info on Charles (Chuck) Martinez...aka Charles Pizarro Martinez, Brother Charles Joseph Martinez, CSC...Carlos Pizarro Martinez.

After graduation from Notre Dame High School, Chuck Martinez joined Holy Cross Brothers with nine of my classmates to form the infamous "big 10". He attended St Edwards University and later the University of Notre Dame where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish .
He taught, as Brother Charles, at Saint Anthony's High School in Long Beach, Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California where he also served as Assistant Principal and Director of studies under the tutelage of Brother Eagan Hunter, CSC of NDHS fame.
In 1967 Charles Martinez was dispensed from his vows as a religious Brother and began working as caseworker for Catholic Big Brothers of Los Angeles. In 1968, he married Barbara Blessington, at Holy Family Church in Long Beach, California.
The Martinez have a son Charles Pizarro V, who was born in 1970. He is currently working as a driver for the motion picture studios, working on the set of Desperate Housewives. Their son is unmarried and serves as a Sacristan at Saint Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood.
Our classmate Chuck Martinez has been actively employed in education or youth work more than 40 years in California, Hawaii and the Marshall Islands, and is in 2007 the Coordinator of the Marshall Island Prep Program at the Maui Job Corps where he has been employed nearly 15 years , 10 of them in the Marshall Islands.
Charles says, "Retirement remains elusive. Although I did begin collecting Social Security at age 66 while still in the Marshalls where I worked tax free and housing and an annual leave to Maui was paid, reality struck when I was transferred back to Maui 18 months ago. I did manage to buy a little condo in Hilo on Hawaii for my "old age" which my sister Cathy is kind enough to "caretake" for me.
Some day, some day...maybe in a year or so...meanwhile I really enjoy the work I do and have no immediate plans of putting myself "out to pasture".
"and that's the way it is."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Corriganville Movie Ranch -- Santa Suzanna Mountians -- 1957
Photo courtesy of Gary Fredburg, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

In the year 1957, "Crash" Corrigan was busy building his movie ranch on the Simi Valley side of the Santa Suzanna Pass. This original Kodacolor print is now in the archieves of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
At the conclusion of our 50th reunion, I will add our big celebration's images and story to the archieves too.
If you have identified photographs, artifacts or documents that you would like to donate as part of Valley history, bring them along to the reunion. Copies are welcomed also.

See ya in October! Jerry Fecht

Monday, September 24, 2007


Hi gang.

Just a reminder to get your reservations for the Reunion to Katie at NDHS.
Here's what she said in an email this morning.

Actually, the reservations have been coming in somewhat slowly – I’m kind of surprised. From past years’ experience, I’ve found that the 50-year guys get their rsvp’s in right away. So next week might be better to give us all of this week for more rsvp’s to come in. Am attaching the rsvp list so each of you can see where we’re at – and those of you on the committee who haven’t done so already…get your reservations in!!


Are spouses invited to the reunion.
Katie Feeney replies

Absolutely -- of course spouses are invited to everything!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Peter Irsfeld Notre Dame High School Class of 1957


Peter Irsfeld sends this inquiry.

Does anyone know anything about Phil Kridler? He's
not on any of your lists that I've seen. We saw him
about 17 years ago but lost contact after that.

See you in a few weeks. P.


After Notre Dame High School Graduation Joe Wetter, AKA: William J. Wetter and “Daddy Joe” Wetter, went on to attend Pierce, San Jose State and San Fernando Valley State Colleges with a modicum of success before Uncle Sam caught up with me. I beat the draft to enlist in Army Intelligence (an Oxy-Moron as we all should know) only days before I was to be drafted.

During my three years in the Army I was stationed in numerous Army locations within the Continental U.S. At one of these I met my future wife, who was then my commanding officer's civilian secretary at 5th Army HQ in Chicago. She’s put up with me for 44 years now. Her only shortcoming is her inability to recognize she has a substandard husband (thank God for that).

We have 3 great kids, Rob, Lisa and Lori and 8 wonderful grandkids. Really they are! I know. I know. Everybody says that. But in this case it’s the truth!!! We’ve traveled all over with them (Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Italy) and I can still say that!

When I got out of the Army I embarked on a 42 year career in Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management Consulting which I’m still doing. A glutton for punishment, you might say. But I love it. It’s allowed me to work in many neat places including the Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and Cleveland (OK so the last one is a stretch but we really liked it there too). And we’ve made a lot of friends in all those places and then some. I earned a number of Insurance Professional Designations (CPCU, CLU, ChFC, among others) which made up somewhat for my less than stellar collegiate academic record and have met and made many new friends through those professional organizations. In fact I’m still active in the CPCU Society and am a Western Regional Governor. I guess I just don’t know when to quit.

Arline and I moved back to Southern California in 2001 to be near our son and 3 of our grandchildren in beautiful Camarillo by the Sea (OK so it’s not by the sea but I can drive there!).

I went to San Fernando High School’s 50th Reunion a few months back and saw a lot of my old teammates from Little League and Junior League baseball and Junior Hi-Y sports teams. Boy did they look old. I’m glad I don’t! Wait a minute did I denote a snicker on your part. Of course I don’t look old - Isn’t self deception wonderful!!! I look forward to seeing all my old (and I use that term loosely) classmates at the 50th Reunion on October 13. I hope you all do too.

Friday, September 21, 2007


FRANK SALERNO Notre Dame High School Class of 1957

After graduating from NDHS, I along with Dan Luecke and Gary Gierok went to the University of ND. My stay was very short. I didn't think it was necessary to attend classes. Football was great. Returning to the Valley I enrolled at Valley J.C. and went to work in the family business, Salerno Bros. Interiors. In 1959 I married my high school sweetheart, Jayne Horacek (St. Francis De Sales). In September we celebrated our 48th Anniversary. We have three great children, Theresa, Frank Jr and Michael. Between them we have 5 grandchildren, Tara, Kyllie, Michael Jr., Matthew and Christopher.
In 196l I joined the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, retiring in 1993 as a supervising detective Sgt. in the Homicide Bureau. where I worked the last 17 years on the job.
I was involved investigating hundreds of homicides along with officer involved shootings and other suspicious deaths. During my years in homicide I was the Sheriffs Depts. lead investigator in the Hillside Strangler and NightStalker Serial murder investigations.
I have lectured thruout the U.S. on the investigation of serial murders, homicides and officer involved shootings. During the last 10 years working homicide I was an instructor at San Jose State, California Dept. of Justice along with being an advisor to the California Peace Officers Standards and Training and the National Institute of Justice. Due to the exposure to serial murders have been featured in numerous TV documentaries.
Upon retiring from the Sheriffs Dept. established Salerno & Scully Investigations, Inc. with Jack Scully, our office is in Encino. We do both civil and criminal litigation as well as consult with large corporations re security issues.

Jayne and I are very much involved the grandkids watching soccer, baseball, basketball and swimming. We also enjoy taking them to our cabin in June Lake.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The following is Jerry's list of our guys and the status of their photos and bios.
If your name has nothing beside it, you have everything complete.
If you have an asterix you are deceased, and can ignore this list.
If you are not on this list, it is Tony Fadale's or someone else's fault - but contact me, and I'll make sure you are included.

Rev. Michael Adams
Anthony J. Alves need photo need bio
Kenneth A. Anderson need photo need bio
Tom Archer * deceased
Michael R. Arlotto need photo need bio need email
Daniel F. Baedeker
David Barling need photo need bio
George J. Barry need photo need bio
Charles M. Bauman need photo need bio
Fred C. Blau need photo need bio
Dennis R. Borowsky ********** need bio
Ross Brenner need photo need bio
Roger Brennen
James Bruder need photo need bio
Frank Bergemier need photo need bio
Gabe Bonnet
Gerald T. Buttaccio need photo need bio
Michael Capriola * deceased - need photo and bio
Raymond C. Christl need photo need bio
James Conway need portrait photo
Patrick Curtis
Richard Daly
John L. De Coster ********** need bio
Nicholas De Cristo need photo need bio
Ronald V. Delamare need photo need bio
Bernard H. Ditz need photo need bio
Norm Dolan need photo need bio
Robert Dominisse lost
James C. Douglass need photo need bio
Gary L. Dudley need photo need bio
Michael Dudley
Fred Dunn
Charles Eberley Lost
Edward C. Ecklund need photo
William Elias ******** need bio
James P. Elm need photo need bio
Samuel J. Engel need photo need bio
Adrian J. Esnard need photo need bio
Anthony V. Fadale
Richard F. Falck need photo need bio
Bert Falvo * deceased need photo and bio
Gerald Fecht
James Flynn * deceased need photo
Phillip F. Foerstel need photo need bio
Charles P. Gemora need photo need bio
Gary T. Gierok ****** ** need bio
George Grabe
Earl K. Graham need photo need bio
John Grant lost
William M. Gregory need photo need bio
Walt Griffin
James Grove
Robert K. Gunther need photo need bio
Tyrone C. Hair need photo need bio
David Hanna
William M. Hannah need photo need bio
John Heaphy need portrait photo
Joel F. Helms need photo need bio
Dr. James Herndon lost
Kenneth Herrick need photo and bio
Charles Hill
Robert L. Hungerford need photo need bio
Donald P. Iavello need photo need bio
John Inverso need photo and bio
Peter Irsfeld
Timothy J. Jackson need photo need bio
Spencer Johnson
Timothy H. Johnston need photo need bio
Barry "Chad" Jones need photo need bio
Robert S. Kahmann need photo need bio
John Kearns need photo need bio
Richard A. Klumpp need photo need bio
John E. Kuzma need photo need bio
Eugene Lamore
Robert Laney need photo need bio
Robert H. Laughlin need photo need bio
Edwin Learned lost
Harry Lex need photo need bio need email
Jim Lentini
Vito Liso need photo and bio
Greg Lodas wishes no contact
James P. Looney need photo need bio
Dan Leucke
Vincent Maciorski need photo need bio
Richard H. Marrone need photo need bio
Thomas G. Martin need photo need bio
Charles P. Martinez need photo
Paul Maxwell need photo need bio
Phil McArdel wishes no contact
Arthur McCulloch
Owen McGiveney need photo need bio
Desmond G. Mc Greevy need photo need bio
Charles T. Mc Murray need photo need bio
John M. Mc Nulty need photo need bio
Lawrence Meares need photo need bio
Robert Metzgar need photo need bio
Thomas H. Metzger need photo need bio
Brian Moore need photo need bio
Norm Moreau
David G. Morman need photo need bio
Steven B. Moss need photo need bio wrong email
Steven Moss need photo need bio
Richard Muller * deceased need photo need bio
Al E. Nagel need photo need bio
Philip J. Najar need photo need bio
Ernest Nelson need photo need bio
Victor W. Newell need photo need bio
Dennis M. O'Brien need photo need bio
Brian J. O'Connor need photo need bio
Dion J. O'Connor need photo need bio need email
James F. O'Hanlon need photo need bio need email
John A. Oberholzer need photo need bio need email
Richard Oliver
John G. Pavelka need photo need bio
John Pawlek need photo need bio need email
Ronald A. Perry need photo need bio
John H. Pinski need photo need bio
Michael D. Polizzi need photo need bio need email
Richard Powers need photo and bio
Ernest E. Pursley need photo need bio wrong email
Peter H. Pusateri need portrait photo
Michael P. Regan need photo need bio
Frank V. Reichwein need photo need bio need email
Eugene Reppe* deceased need photo need bio
Michael Riddosh
Edward Rio need photo need bio need email
Thomas R. Riordan need photo need bio
Jack B. Robertson need photo need bio need email
Tom Robison need photo and bio
Patrick Rossi need photo and bio
Allen J. Roth need photo need bio need email
Gregory Ruskin need photo need bio need email
Frank J. Salerno need photo need bio need email
David C. Sanderson need photo need bio need email
Michael W. Sarff need photo need bio
James F. Schmiederer need photo need bio
Edward A. Schneider need photo need bio
Roger P. Schwartz need photo need bio
Frank M. Servedio need photo need bio need email
Frank Sicillani lost - need photo need bio need email
Rocco D. Silvestri need photo need bio
Leroy J. Skaff need photo need bio
Patrick S Smith
Joseph P. Sowa need photo need bio
Thomas Spidel need photo need bio need email
Karl J. Stockl need photo need bio need email
Anthony D. Susca ********** need bio need email
Thomas Swain need photo need bio need email
Patrick F. Sweeney need photo need bio need email
Karl M. Tenk need photo need bio
Richard Thesing
John Thompson
Michael Tracy need photo need bio need email
Tom Tremmer * deceased need bio and photo
Robert G. Trinity need photo need bio need email
Charles Valla need photo need bio need email
A. G. Venting need photo need bio need email
Michael Walls need photo need bio need email
John Warren lost - need photo need bio need email
Norman E. West need photo
William Westmyer * deceased need photo
William J. Wetter
Leo G. Whitaker need photo need bio need emalil
Jay Whitney need portrait photo
Donald B. Williams need photo need bio need email
Joseph Wilson lost need photo need bio need email
Roy Winchell lost need photo need bio need email
Robert V. Wunsch need photo need bio
Dale Wyman * deceased - need photo and bio
Frank A. Yaeger need photo need bio
Gary R. Yeakel need photo need bio
James L. Yester need photo need bio
Daniel G. Zerfas


The year was 1957 and I had just graduated from Notre Dame High; I then went on to Valley College, where I played basketball for two years. In 1959 I entered the Holy Cross Brothers order; I initially worked in Chatsworth, later, Long Beach and finally New Orleans. I left the brothers in 1968 and got a teaching job at Berylwood Elementary School, in Simi Valley, CA. In 1970 I married a wonderful English lady named Janet; whose passion was gardening. In 1972 we moved to Oak Park and I started teaching at Brookside. In 1974 we adopted our first child, Elizabeth; and in 1978 we adopted our second daughter, Olivia.
I taught at Brookside from 1972-untill 1987; I then transferred to Oak Hills elementary and retired from public school teaching in 1999. In 2001 I started teaching at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School and taught there for five years. Along the way I volunteered to help startup St. Maximilian Church. I then volunteered and started a Model RR Club, served as president of Rancho Simi Foundation, served as a member of Our Lady of Peace Justice and Peace committee, took offensive stats for Oak Park football, and I also volunteered at Home Boy Industries getting jobs for ex-gang members.
Both daughters are now grown and living away from home. Elizabeth works and lives in the San Louis Obispo area. Olivia is married to her husband Scott and lives in the Thousand Oaks area. They have a son named Cory Robert Christopher Crowther. I now live in Simi Valley and still volunteer with several organizations!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello Mr. Fecht,

I am a neighbor of Mr. Robert Drolet who taught at your school from
1955-1958. He does not use a computer, so I was looking up information for
him. He was reminescing about his days at your school, and I was
wondering if I could put him in touch with any people who might remember
him. I believe he said he taught history, physical education classes, and
speech. He is such a nice man, and at 85 years old, you wouldn't
believe he's anywhere near that age.

If you, or anyone on your blog list, remembers Mr. Drolet, I know he
would really enjoy hearing from you. You can email me at the email
address below and I will print out the messages for him.

Thank you.
Carolyn Savage

Thursday, September 13, 2007


In the 50 years since graduation from Notre Dame High School, life has been very good to me. My four years at Notre Dame and my nine years as a Brother of Holy Cross provided me a moral compass and education that has served me well.

When I returned from New Orleans in 1966, which was my last assignment as a Brother, I met my beautiful bride, Lynn, and we have been married for over 40 years. We have two children, Lisa and David, and two grandchildren, with a third grandchild on the way. Lisa is a media-buyer for national television ads and David is a physical therapist. Our granddaughters, Haley and Skylar, are five and seven years old. We live in Redondo Beach, California, about a mile from our daughter and about 5 miles from our son. My wife Lynn still works (which makes me a kept man) as a court reporter in the Superior Court of Los Angeles. Her fame comes from having been the court reporter for the two Menendez trials, but her true talent lies in how she makes spaghetti and meatballs.

I taught and coached for 36 years in high school and left the classroom in 1997. I spent the next 6 years at the Museum of Tolerance, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, as a project manager in the education department.

Along the way I earned a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in education. Right now I am happily retired, which gives me time to visit my grandchildren almost every day and do volunteer work for our parish, Notre Dame and for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

For fun I play golf with John DeCoster, Dan Zerfas, Hugh Johnson, ’58, and Brother William Nick, the president of Notre Dame. I am on the Board of Directors for Notre Dame with Dan Zerfas. Dan and I both laugh when we think about what Brother Eugenio must be thinking when he looks down and sees us among the people running Notre Dame.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion and sharing memories about our high school days at Notre Dame.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Here are five of our classmates that are lost.
If you know their addresses, emails etc. please let us know how to contact them.

Robert Dominisse
Charles Eberley
John Grant
Dr. James Herndon
Edwin Learned

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


St. Andrews was part of the overseas' adventure of Chuck Hill and his wife.


From Pat Curtis

When I read about our Speech Club and Brother Doran, it triggered a LONG lost memory, and I wonder if you have any recollection of it.
As I recall, we were supposed to give a speech about California, and the winner would go on to a city contest sponsored and judged by, I believe, The Native Daughters of The Golden West, or, of California, or Pismo Beach, etc. etc. Anyway, I totally forgot that I had to give my speech. So, the night before, I sat down and wrote the history of Death Valley, which I totally made up. I do remember this, I said it was discovered by a Spanish Cavalry Officer, Juan Christ Ortega. I recall nothing else that I said. But, and here's the thing, I won, 1st for my class then, as I remember, for the school. I went on to the win somewhere else, and was in the semi-finals, where I lost, NOT on the content, but on my delivery!! And, I was being judged by women who were supposed to be experts on California History. Well, that's the way I remember it anyway. Does ANY of this ring a bell?

Monday, September 10, 2007



Still driving a 1950 ford with his wife Marilyn, "looking for a Bob's Big Boy to cruze." Life is good, Praise the Lord!


by Dan Zerfas

Tom was my first friend at NDHS. His family moved to Northridge, California from Kansas when he was in grade school.
He was handsome and fun loving. Always had the big smile. All the girls loved him.
We had a window washing business and almost killed each other over smudges and streaks - then we moved on to auto wrecking - our own cars.

I was surprised when he went into the Brothers (Congregation of Holy Cross) . He kept his spiritual side well hidden. After three years Tom left the Brothers, and graduated from Cal State Los Angeles. Tom loved jazz. and brought Cal Tjader and others to perform at the university, He was always at Shelly Mann's Manhole on Thursday night. He was terrific on the bongos.

Tom's life changed when his brother in law set the world land speed record. He became very involved in developing the jet powered racer. They went to Australia to continue to increase the speed record. Tom got sidetracked and stayed there for 15 years. His personality fit in with the Aussies. He managed a timber company. When he came back to California he went into the camera truck and special effects business.

Tom Tremer died much too early; a heart attack at 56 - the same age his father died of a heart attack. He left two lovely daughters.
Tom was a great friend. When he is thought of everyone smiles: "Do you remember when Tremer...?"


Gerald Fecht

Notre Dame High School

Class of 1957

Jerry Fecht was born Mexico, Missouri, where it is said that the original Santa Fe Trail began. Fecht is Alsatian name pronounced with a Helvetian accent - hence "fate." His working class family moved often, living in Washington State, Iowa, Missouri, California and Nebraska. By the time he enrolled at Notre Dame High School, he had attended 11 schools.
A Christian Brother came to Jerry's 9th grade class in Omaha, Nebraska and convinced the boy that he could serve the Lord and live in the warm Napa Valley at the same time. The 13 year old got a job in Greek restaurant, earned money for a Grayhound ticket and traveled alone to California.

St. John's minor seminary on 3rd and Detroit in Hollywood was Jerry's new home. The school moved the following year inside the Mission San Fernando. As much as he loved living in the Fairfax district, Jerry hated the confinement of the mission. He wrote his parents in the Midwest that he would come home in the fall, but left the seminary in June.

A summer of sleeping on the beach, staying with friends, and exploring Los Angeles, came to an abrupt end when his parents discovered his whereabouts. The Fechts quit their jobs and came immediately to Van Nuys, where it took much cleverness to gain control over a boy who had been away for two years and free all summer in the city. Fall arrived, and with it enrollment at Notre Dame High School.

Jerry absolutely loved Notre Dame! He had the good fortune of joining the Speech Club and falling under the influence of Brother John Doran, who molded a marvelous bunch of kids into one of the most successful speech and debate teams in Southern California. Out of that speech class there also arose the wonderful zany and secret society of the Atonic League. (The Brothers never discovered how Das Liberator, the underground newsletter of the Atonic League was distributed. Perhaps they should have paid closer attention to the boys who carried the school's announcements to homerooms - all were sworn members of the League.) With Alex-aton von Nefer Kufu Bryant-heart (the reincarnation of Rob Roy), as our kilted leader, high school was one wild adventure after another. When someone, (I think it was Jay Whitney), got the idea of stacking the first meeting of every school club - League members became the presidents of everything and the student council was in Bert Falvo's words "forever in the hands of the people!"

Jerry gave little thought about college. In his family, it was considered an achievement to finish high school. His summer was spent working at Hughes Market and attending training schools in the Navy Reserve. September arrived and Notre Dame pals went off to colleges, joined the Brothers of Holy Cross or got married. On a lark, Jerry enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College.
Waiting to buy textbook, Jerry encountered Roy LoBianco (NDHS 1956). "LoBo" pointed out that none of his friend's classes were "transferable." "You had better come to our meeting Sunday night. We make sure our guys get the right advice", said Roy. Shortly after Jerry and Bill Westmyer pledged Phi Delta Psi Fraternity and were surrounded by ambition and determination. He became student body treasurer and fraternity president.

Jerry transferred to the University of Southern California, where he majored in history and government, became involved in the campaign of Adlai E. Stevenson, and was elected president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Involved with student politics, he worked for the election of John F. Kennedy.

Graduation brought the reality of student loans and Jerry returned to the grocery store. 1962, a time of self-pity and confusion, ended when he discovered that USC had just created an Education program for classroom interns and student teaching. Jerry embraced the $125 a month stipend, and returned to school.

In his first year of teaching at Patrick Henry Jr. High School in Granda Hills, Jerry taught the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. The following year, he was hired by the Burbank Unified School District, where he taught the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. He coached Burbank High's speech club and student council, and of course, checked hall passes. To his everlasting fortune, Janne Shreves a young Pomona College teacher was hired at the same time. In 1967, the couple was married at St. Francis de Sales church in Studio City. That summer, the Burbank Human Relations Council and American Jewish Committee gave Jerry a fellowship at Loyola University.

Three years passed and Jerry was asked to start Burbank's "continuation school." It was to be a "catch all" for kids who could not fit into normal classroom situations. In the 1960s towns like Burbank had no "public" problems such as juvenile crime, addictions or kids who had been abused or neglected. Jerry had 40 students, many of who were wards of the court in a high school deemed unsafe during an earthquake. Jerry loved his "misfits", but six of his kids were dead by the end of the first year. He was honored as teacher of the year by the Chamber of Commerce.

A Master of Science degree in Education came as he finished an 8 year commitment to the Naval Air Reserve. He began doctoral studies at UCLA, accepted a teaching position at Moorpark College, and completed his Ph.D. at USC. Jerry was appointed Director of Student Services for the college, just as the Vietnam War era came full force. Two sons, Brendan Patrick and Damon Carlyle arrived. The war ended and Jerry returned to the classroom, won 6 Teacher of the Year awards and grew desperately broke.

Financial salvation came when Jerry was offered a consultant's position for West Valley marketing firm. The company specialized in youth and college marketing. He wrote A Complete Parents Guide to Soccer, edited Soccer Now magazine for AYSO, helped to develop the Ford-Pele Soccer Scholarship program, became an advisor to the NBA Players Association, developed the General Motors (College) Spirit Award, as well as programs for Saturn, 3-M, Reebok, and several US sports federations. He worked on the 1981 Bicentenial of Los Angeles and the 1984 Olympic Games.

He left the marketing company to form Anchor Education (the company and the foundation). Among his adventures was the creation of Space Place for JPL, Heroes of American Labor for Saturn and the UAW and two books for the City of Los Angeles (Discovering My L.A. and Artventures.)

Jerry is serious about art.
In 2004, he retired from Moorpark College and became president of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. He is determined that the Valley should have a great museum of history and culture.

Jerry invites his classmates from the class of 1957 to join with him in building the museum community, an adventure of a lifetime.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


John Thompson

Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After flunking out of Loyola University in 1958 and spending an aimless year at Los Angeles Pierce College, I opted for a change of pace and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, two of which were spent in Okinawa and other places in Asia. From the latter I developed an interest in Asian languages that led to a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language from San Francisco State College, a Master of Arts in East Asian Studies from Harvard University, and a 27-year career in the U.S. Foreign Service, mainly in the U.S. Information Agency (cultural exchanges, media relations, Fulbright scholars, overseas cultural centers and libraries, English teaching) and the Department of State, most of it spent in Taiwan and Beijing, with additional assignments in Indonesia and Sweden.
The high point of my Foreign Service career was working in Beijing in 1978-1981 during normalization of US-China relations: participating in negotiations on treaties and agreements; reporting on Democracy Wall; translating in meetings with Deng Xiaoping; sending off the first 50 Chinese scholars to the U.S.; receiving the first American students and scholars; and witnessing at first hand the ravages of the Cultural Revolution and implementation of China's new policy of reform and opening to the outside world.
After 1981, I worked in Washington at the Voice of America China Branch, then in the American Embassy in Sweden four years, back to Washington for five years, and finished up with four years in Taipei, working in the same building where I had started with U.S. Information Agency in 1970. I retired out of Taipei, and moved to Santa Rosa in Sonoma County for a year before taking a job in Chicago for three years as Managing Editor at ChinaOnline, a China business information firm that went up and down with the Internet boom and bust.
After that folded, my wife and I enjoyed life in Sonoma County, working on our small apple orchard next to the Russian River. A year later I moved back to China, this time to spend four years at Tsinghua University in Beijing as Executive Director of the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language, working for UC Berkeley, with 50 students (mostly U.S. graduate students and professionals) and 30 teachers. Returning to Beijing after 21 years, I felt like Rip van Winkle. It came as a complete shock to see a five-fold increase in population, and the remote farm villages that were way outside the city in 1981 suddenly metamorphosed into 20-storey building complexes. The change in both thinking among the Chinese people and availability of material things (no more ration tickets!), not to mention freedom of choice in housing, jobs, travel, spouse, etc. is just astounding.
In March of this year I started a new adventure, representing the City of Chicago in China. Our new operation is based in Shanghai, but I also travel to other parts of China to encourage and assist Chinese firms to invest in Chicago; help Chicago firms to do business with China, and promote tourism and study in Chicago. The year 2010 will see the World Exposition in Shanghai, and it also marks the 50th anniversary of my first trip to China, as a young Marine wading off a landing craft in south Taiwan. Time to return to our orchards.
I have been married for 34 years to a wonderful wife, Lea, whom I met in Indonesia in 1972, when I was building a cultural center there in Medan. One son is working in Beijing in an IT support company; our other son will finish his Master of Science in Ecology at UC Santa Barbara in December.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Richard Thesing and his grandchildren
Notre Dame High School - Class of 1957

As some of you may remember, a few days after graduation while on what was planned to be a summer trip around the U.S. in a camper with classmates Jim Conway and Mike Capriola, I broke my neck in a diving accident and was paralyzed. I was very fortunate to have a miraculous recovery and, after three months in the hospital, was able to walk with a limp.
I had intended to enter the seminary with my best friend, Jim Conway, but the accident changed those plans. After a year of rehab and part-time classes at Los Angeles Valley College, I entered Loyola and graduated with a degree in Psychology. I immediately went to California State University Los Angeles (L.A. State), earned a Masters, and worked for North American Aviation on the Apollo project.
I then decided to switch careers and got a law degree from Stanford Law School in 1966. In retrospect, it was a great decision and I very much enjoyed law school and the practice of law. I joined a small law firm in San Francisco with five lawyers and I retired 30 years later as Managing Partner when the firm had 400 lawyers in 30 offices in 13 states.
Over the years, the effects of my diving accident made it progressively more difficult to walk and 10 years ago I had such difficulty walking that I now use a scooter. When my wife of 36 years died from cancer in 1999, I decided to retire from law practice and devote time to advocacy on behalf of the disabled.
In 2000, President Clinton appointed me to a four-year term to the U.S. Access Board. It is a small government agency that issues building guidelines for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Upon completion of my term, I joined the boards of several disability organizations.
I am an avid golfer but I need to use an accessible golf cart in order to play, one with hand controls and swivel seat that can go on tees and greens. I am trying to get all golf courses to provide at least one of these accessible golf carts and formed a non-profit, Mobility Golf, to try to accomplish that objective. Some of my activities are: a website that lists all the courses with accessible golf carts,, and successfully getting Congress to pass a law requiring the Defense Department to makes its 150 golf courses on military bases accessible to disabled veterans.
I have recently formed another non-profit,, with a friend of Iraqi descent, to provide wheelchairs to disabled Iraqis. When the security situation there improves, it is our intention to set up small factories in Iraq where disabled Iraqis will manufacture the wheelchairs.
In 2005, I married Francesca Farr who is retired after a career as a family therapist. She is from a political family, her father was a state Senator and her brother is in Congress. I very much enjoy politics and find that my new life, with a new wife, and my disability advocacy activities is interesting and exciting.


Revisit historic Brand Library in Glendale when you come to the big 50th Reunion

John Heaphy will give you directions to his hometown treasure houise.

In September of 1957, John Heaphy went back to Old College at the University of Notre Dame to study for the Congregation of Holy Cross priesthood. However, during that first semester, both his adviser and he came to the same conclusion that he would do much better in the secular world than in the religious one! So, John left Notre Dame and went to Chicago and enlisted for three years in the Marines. After basic and infantry training in San Diego, he was sent for 2 1/2 years to help guard our country from the shores of Oahu, Hawaii. It was much better duty than “the Shores of Tripoli.”

Finishing his active service, John returned to the San Fernando Valley and enrolled at California State University Northridge (CSUN). In 1965, he graduated with a degree in English. Over the next ten or so years, he attended night school at California State University Los Angeles and UCLA, pursuing courses in Accounting and Business until he graduated with an Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in 1976.

In March of 1968, John met his wife Eleanor and her two children, Kristen and Davin, and they were married in June. In 1971 his daughter, Paige was born, and, in 1975, his daughter Anne arrived. Kris, and her two children, Raymond & Amanda, live in Worland, Wyoming where she is a math teacher and homemaker. Davin, a UCLA & University of San Diego gradate, teaches History at Coronado High School in San Diego. He and his wife Jeanne are the parents of their grandchild, Jenna. Paige, a graduate of the University of California San Diego and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, lives close to them in Glendale where she works on the Staff of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She and her husband, Sean, are the parents of their other two grandchildren, Kate and Natalie. Anne, a UCLA grad also, is now a Principal in an investment firm in San Francisco and is completing her MBA with the University of California Berkeley. Last, but not least, Eleanor returned to school, earning her degree from California State University Los Angeles in 1983. She became a teacher in a middle school in East Los Angeles and still teaches there today.

Since 1966, John has worked for several major companies and the Los Angeles Olympic Committee in Accounting Administration. In 1985, he went to work for a commercial real estate development company in Burbank and stayed until 1998 when he changed to an affiliated construction company where he is presently employed. In 1997, after obtaining a California Adult Teaching Credential from UCLA, he taught English as a Second Language to night school students at Van Nuys Community Adult School. He finally found a use for his English degree after all.

Eleanor and John are still gainfully employed and they have always used the summers to travel the world. China, Europe, Central America, Mexico and the US have been their destinations over the years. Africa, Australia and Latin America are for the future.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
NoHo Arts District - Lankershim Boulevard

When you visit the San Fernando Valley during the great Reunion of the Notre Dame High School Class of 1957, plan to explore the place where you grew up. Somethings are very much the same, but others are very different. 1,800,000 people now live in the greater Valley. There are vast populations of Russians, Armenians and folks from India. Many Catholic priests here are from Vietnam or Central America. There are 72 different languages spoken by Los Angeles school children.
A really interesting and fun experience is to ride the new subway system. You can catch the Red Line at Lankershim Station, where the Television Academy resides, or from Campo de Caheunga where Lankershim meets Ventura Boulevard. (and, you qualify for senior citizen discounts!)
Don't forget to get your biographies and photographs in. There are only a couple of weeks left in Jerry's energy bank.
The Mexican hurricane brought temperatures of over a 110 degrees for most of last week. Tony Fadale promises that the weather will be much nicer for you during the great Reunion.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Patrick Curtis

Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

Patrick and Annabel Curtis at the unveiling of his Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.

Patrick started his journey in the entertainment industry in 1939, when he portrayed, “Baby Beau Wilkes,” in the beloved, GONE WITH THE WIND. Then, while still in diapers, he played Nicky Charles, Nick and Nora Charles’ baby in ANOTHER THIN MAN. For the next twenty years, he could be seen in over seventy motion pictures and television shows. His less then stellar talent usually cast him as the fifth kid on the right. Sometime during those early, thrilling days of yesteryear, his alter ego became the more show biz creditable, “Patrick Curtis,” instead of good ol’ Pat Smith. The Nuns at St. Charles, and the Brothers of Notre Dame, wisely paid no attention. But, for the last 50 years or so, he’s been Curtis to one and all.

Thanks to producers, Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, he was able to start his production career on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. When not in the cutting room, or pulling cable, he could sometimes be seen playing one of Wally’s friends, occasionally graduating to the third kid on the left. He was a very busy guy, with work, college and being engaged to the beautiful Linda Evans at the time. They met on the set of the OZZIE & HARRIET, where he shrewdly made sure he was the ONLY kid next to the delightful blonde from Hollywood High.

One of Patrick’s last film roles was in CIMARRON, starring Glenn Ford and Maria Schell. He played an elevator boy, circa 1912. Obviously, his acting career was either on its way up, or down, almost certainly the latter. He started filming on a Friday, and because of a pending Screen Actors Guild strike scheduled for Sunday at midnight, he worked almost sixty straight, quadruple golden time hours. Being an astute business kid, his greatly inflated paycheck led him directly to Felix Chevrolet, and a red, 1959 fuel injected Corvette. This is the car that terrorized Bob’s Big Boy and won a St. Patrick’s Day sports car rally with Patrick driving, and Spencer (Pat) Johnson as navigator. Tired of constantly being followed home by the entire North Hollywood and or Burbank Police Departments, he cunningly painted the Vette a less obtrusive, Fawn Beige. It didn’t help a bit!

Several years later, while on a location scout in San Diego, he met a stunning, San Diego State dance major. “What do you want to do with your life?” he asked. “I believe I want to be a model,” she replied. (Now comes the worst pick-up line it the history of the world!) “You’ll never be a model, because you look like an Italian movie star,” he said, “but, I’m going to make movies, and I want you to be in them!” Incredibly, she believed every word, and together they set out to successfully conquer Hollywood. His good friend, Charlton Heston once said, “Patrick is such a perfectionist, he was married to Raquel Welch for 14 years, and he expected her to cook!”

Patrick’s career as a motion picture and Television writer, producer and director, spans over forty years and encompasses more than thirty five major motion picture and television programs, many with Raquel. He even directed John Wayne, which is a whole story in itself. His award winning western, THE AVENGING ANGEL, starring; Tom Berenger, Charlton Heston and James Coburn, can currently be seen on the TNT Network. Patrick recently finished a pet film project of his, MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH, starring every B-western hero of our youth. This film won the Cannes Film Festival award for best motion picture, historical feature. He is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (The Oscars).

Try as he might to retire, he continues to write and produce THE GOLDEN BOOT AWARDS, saluting western movie heroes, heroines, directors and stunt people. This world renowned event, now in its 25th year, is held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and has raised millions of dollars for the Motion Picture and Television Fund. Patrick is on the Fund’s Executive Committee.

One of Patrick’s proudest moments was receiving a Beautiful People of Los Angeles Award, from St. Joseph’s Hospital, in recognition of his outstanding work in the community. He produced and directed over a dozen Public Service Commercials, at no cost, for such Valley organizations as MADD, and Activities for Retarded Children. This prestigious honor was presented to him by his lifelong friend, Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger. Oh, the next time you’re in Palm Springs, stop by and walk all over Patrick’s Star on Palm Canyon Drive’s, Walk of Stars. His star is in front of the Fudge Shop, of course!

A renowned public speaker, Patrick has traveled the world and sailed the seven seas, regaling audiences with his tales of the great and not so great characters he’s know, in his almost seventy years in Hollywood.

Patrick’s two children, Damon and Tahnee live in different parts of Europe, which gives him another great excuse to travel. He and his lovely wife of 19 years, Annabel, recently moved from the Palm Springs area, to St. George, Utah. Patrick is putting the finishing touches on his new book, “THE CROSSDRAW KID RIDES AGAIN,” a humorous look at growing up in Hollywood, during its Golden Age of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s.


Dan Zerfas arrived at Notre Dame High School from Detroit in the middle of his sophomore year. In 1957, the year of his graduation, he entered the Brothers of Holy Cross with ten of his classmates. After spending a year in the novitiate, he spent a year at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas and then entered the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. After three years, which Dan refers to as "the spiritual equivalent of Quantico," he left the Brotherhood and graduated from California State University Northridge where he earned a Bachelors degree in English in 1962.
After a year at the Rocketdyne Corporation, as an engineering planner, he "fled to UCLA law school" Dan served on the Board of Editors of the UCLA Law Review, was president of his class, and was awarded the Order of the Coif. He earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1966.
From 1966 to 1971 Dan was in private practice with the law firm of O'Melveny and Myers in Los Angeles, California. In 1971 until 1973, he served as Special Assistant to the Assistant Attorney General, William H. Rehnquist, and as Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General, Ralph E. Erickson in the United States Department of Justice.
From 1973 to 1981, Dan was a partner in the law firm of Erickson, Zerfas and Adams in Los Gatos, California and in London, England. He was also the Executive Vice president of AVM, Ltd., an investment-banking firm based in London and Jeddah. During that period, Dan represented several Middle Eastern governments and institutions, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan. Based on those experiences, he published a fictional memoir, The Middleman.
In 1981, Dan founded TSC Development Company, which develops and manages commercial, resort and hotel properties in the western United States.
In 2007, Dan Zerfas lives in Pacific Palisades with his wife Marilyn. His eldest, Dana, is married, has two young boys. She lives in Fairhope, Alabama and works for the United States Attorney in Mobile. She has worked for the Justice Department since graduating from George Washington University. Barton lives in Washington, D.C. and works for the Land Trust Alliance. He graduated from Washington State University and later received his Masters degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Adelaide in Australia. Dan's youngest son, Quinlan, graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics in 2006, and works at presented for an accounting and wealth management firm in Santa Monica, California.
Dan Zerfas says, "Retirement is an unwelcome option."

Editor's note: Dan's son Quinn sent a great photo that I'll inlcude here when I figure out how to get it into my Photoshop - Jerry

Monday, September 3, 2007


Our classmate Roger Brennan included along with his biography these notes on our deceased buddies, Jim Flynn and Dick Muller.

After graduation from High School Jim Flynn, Dick Muller and myself kept up our friendship. Jim was one of thirteen children. His father passed away when he was still in grammar school (The school we both went too Saint Elisabeth in Van Nuys). To say that Jim lacked financial resources to continue his education is to say the obvious. Jim, however, was one of the most determined and focused people that I have ever met. Through his hard work and perseverance he was able to receive his BA. After he got his BA he joined the army and spent a tour of duty in Korea. When Jim returned form the army he also began working for the State of California Employment Development Department. He worked on the side that found jobs for people.

Dick Muller was a wonderful person with a very funny and dry sense of humor. To this day I still break into a smile when I think of the time that Dick came up to me in the yard at Notre Dame high school and said - You know you should never go out on a date with just you and a girl, you should always double date than you will have someone to talk to. After high school Dick spent a couple of years at Saint Mary's in Moraga California. After that Dick joined the army and spent some time back in Boston. When Dick got out of the army he began working as an analyst for Dunn and Bradstreet.

When Jim and I (Roger Brennan) began working for the State of California and Dick was working for Dunn and Bradstreet we rented a house in Van Nuys. not too long after that we all got married and started our families. Jim married Abby Murphy and they had one daughter Shannon. Dick married my sister Fran and they had two children (Maggie and Matthew). Jim passed away in his mid thirties most likely due to complications related to a very serious automobile accident that he had had years earlier. Dick passed away some 12 years ago due to the effects of a severe form of arthritis.


After graduation from NDHS, I attended Valley Junior College and I also joined the Air National Guard. During the Berlin Crisis of 1960 they activated our unit into the regular Air Force and I spent a year stationed at Van Nuys Airport assigned to the crash crew and protecting the San Fernando Valley form the red menace. After I got out of the Air Force I continued my education and eventually received my BA form California State University at Nortridge. After Graduation from CSUN I began working for the State of California Employment Development Department. My duties with EDD included making determinations on the eligibility of applicants for unemployment insurance. Subsequent to my 5 year employment with EDD I began work for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. My assignments included wage and salary administration, Affirmative Action Task force, but most of my 25 year tenure was spent in labor relations. I liked the company and loved the work. Along the way I also worked for the Post Office and the City of Burbank. I have been retired for about a year and a half and live in Newport Beach California. Prior to living in Newport we lived in Laguna Beach for about 20 years.
In 1969 I married Barbara Dentino a professional singer and dancer. We have 5 children, Maria, Gina, Amanda, Nora and Anna. All five graduated from Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. All are doing well. Two have advanced degrees, two have their BA's and the last one is about half way through College. Maria, Gina and Amanda are married and we have been blessed with three grandchildren and another is on the way. All the grandchildren are local and we are of course spoiling them in accordance with the code of the grandparents.
After our Mater Dei experience with our 5 daughters, I marvel at my parents ability to get their 7 boys through Notre Dame. One of my brothers (Joseph a 1972 NDHS grad) is a Monsignor with the Los Angeles Archdiosese and is pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in San Pedro. Joe will be celebrating our reunion mass.


The family of Judy and Pete Pusateri

The photo is from a family vacation in Hawaii. In the photo the people are from left to right:
Michele, daughter in law, wife of older son Mike
Zoe, daughter of Mike and Michele
Yvette, wife of son Matt
Mira, daughter of Mike and Michele
Matt, my younger son
Judi, my beloved wife - Me (Pete Pusateri)
Mike, my older son and husband of Michele and father of Zoe and Mira

So what have I been doing the last 50 years? Well after graduating from NDHS I went to Valley JC for a year, took off a year to dig swimming pools, then returned to Valley JC to resume my educational odyssey. In 1963 I married Judi Chodos and we are still together after all the ups and downs that 44 years can provide. We have 2 sons, Mike and Matt and their wives, Michele and Yvette. The granddaughters, Zoe and Mira, provide us with endless opportunities to spoil and indulge to the chagrin of my oldest son Mike. Payback is sweet!!
I put in my time with Uncle Sam as an Airborne Sonar Operator in the Navy reserve from 1961 to 1969. That meant 6 months active duty for training, then 8 years of monthly meetings at Los Alamitos NAS. Since the VC in Vietnam had no submarines I was not called upon to go over there.
In 1966 I finally finished my formal education at Cal Poly in Pomona and started my engineering career at TRW and then went over to Hughes in 1971. In 1980 I left engineering and joined a small electronics manufacturers rep company so that I would be able to finance the education of our sons at any institution of their choice and acceptance. Since there is an 18 months difference in age, their time in college would overlap by 2 years and this was no small obstacle to address. Both went to private out of state institutions. All worked out well and we sold the company 5 years ago. Since Oct 2005 I have been cruising along trying to figure out what retirement is all about.
My oldest son Mike graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He is now a senior VP of technology development at Disney in Burbank. Matt graduated from Northwestern University and then grad school at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He is now the senior designer for online communications at the Center For American Progress in Washington DC. Matt and Yvette have assured me that they are working diligently on catching up to Mike and Michele in the grandchild department!! They were married in August of 2006 in Bermuda.
Judi and I are associated with a spiritual group that adheres to the teachings of Ramakrishna, a 19th century mystic in India. I have been to Ghana 3 times since 2003 and Sri Lanka in 2005 visiting various villages, refugee camps, hospitals and schools. We bring donations and try to make a difference in the lives of these people. By doing that we also get a deeper insight into ourselves and our purpose in life. I find these and future trips to be a fitting way to give back for all of the positive and beneficial gifts that I have been given over the years and to realize a higher purpose. As part of a group project, I was involved in the building of a scale model of the U. N. complex in New York City and participated at it̢۪s installation at the 60th anniversary celebration in 2005. If you take the tour there you will see our model on permanent display.
OK, so much for the sermon. I will be in Vietnam until September 17th with an advance team setting up a group visit for January and I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The San Fernando Valley's large Thai population supports this beautiful Wat Thai in Van Nuys. it's an interesting place to explore during the time you are in Los Angeles for the October Reunion of the Class of 1957.

Eugene Paul LaMore was born in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois. His family moved to Richmond, California when he was three and to Sherman Oaks in 1948. Gene graduated from St. Francis de Sales grade school and attended Notre Dame High School from 1953 to 1957. He played junior varsity football in 1954. His position was 2nd or 3rd string defensive tackle.
Gene comments, " I probably am a graduate although, as one of the brother's explained to me, they threw away my diploma because I refused to pay the rental fee for the graduation gown."
In 1957, Gene enlisted in the United States Army. He managed to stay a Private First Class in he was discharged in April of 1960. Most of his service was in Germany. After the Army, he became a first-year apprentice Union carpenter (from 1960 to 1963). Gene views this as a "probable record for length of time as a first year apprentice. In 1964, Gene completed his studies at Los Angles Valley College.
In 1966, Gene LaMore earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the new San Fernando Valley State College (now, California State University Northridge.) He entered the accounting profession. From 1966 to 1972, he was a United States Treasury Agent.
On June 3rd, 1972 Gene completed his studies at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. He was allowed to sit for the bar examination early and was sworn as an attorney, the day before he graduated. Gene earned considerable fame in the Bay Area during his 33 years defending public entities in landslide and flooding cases.
Married and divorce twice, Eugene LaMore currently resides in his condo in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, with his girlfriend and a daughter, Anonta Paris LaMore born on the 14th of December, 2006. He has three daughters from his second marriage. (27 year old lawyer in San Jose. 25 year old CPA in Washington and 25 year old RN in Dallas.)
Gene is a Life Time member of the Siam Society and organization sponsored by the King and retired member of the Foreign Correspondence Club of Thailand. He frequently visits Myanmar, China and Laos and has acquired a taste for Heineken by the pint and Montecristo number 4 Cuban cigars.
He adds that he "has been advised by Fidelity that he has enough money for retirement as long as he dies by age 71. He has never been happier."


Gabe and Barbara Bonnet

After graduating from NDHS in 1957, Gabe Bonnet attended the University of California Los Angles where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics. He then attended Baylor College of Medicine and graduated in 1966 with a Doctor of Medicine degree. His internship and residency were completed at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Dr. Bonet then served the next 2 1/2 years in the United States Public Health Service in Zuni and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Gabe began the practice of Pediatrics and Neonatology in Grand Junction, Colorado until 1985, when he became the Medical Director for the State of Colorado Department of Developmental Disabilities. Subsequently he served as Medical Director for FHP and Human Health Plans in Long Beach, Albuquerque and San Antonio before becoming Medical Director for Washoe Medical System in Reno, Nevada where Ihe has spent the last 14 years.
Gabe Bonnet retired in 2004 and has been doing volunteer medical work for the State of Nevada and the American Red Cross. He is also involved in developing immunity legislation for volunteer medical emergency personnel both at State and Federal levels.
Gabe's oldest daughter, Suzanne, is a lawyer in Denver. She and her husband, Bill, presented our classmate with two beautiful granddaughters.
Patti, Gabe's second daughter, is a Tour Coordinator for the International Mountain Biking Association. His son Mike is a Physician's Assistant in Crescent City, California.
Speaking of his life in 2007, Gabe states that "My wife of 3 1/2 years, Barbara, and I enjoy traveling, camping and boating/fishing when possible."


Art McCulloch

Art McCulloch
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

Nolo Timere Ego Sum

"I've had many requests, but am sending the photos anyway.

Gotta degree.
Gotta job.
Gotta wife.
Gotta house.
Got kids.
Gotta divorce.
Gotta apartment.
Gotta go.
See you at the runion."