Monday, September 3, 2007


Our classmate Roger Brennan included along with his biography these notes on our deceased buddies, Jim Flynn and Dick Muller.

After graduation from High School Jim Flynn, Dick Muller and myself kept up our friendship. Jim was one of thirteen children. His father passed away when he was still in grammar school (The school we both went too Saint Elisabeth in Van Nuys). To say that Jim lacked financial resources to continue his education is to say the obvious. Jim, however, was one of the most determined and focused people that I have ever met. Through his hard work and perseverance he was able to receive his BA. After he got his BA he joined the army and spent a tour of duty in Korea. When Jim returned form the army he also began working for the State of California Employment Development Department. He worked on the side that found jobs for people.

Dick Muller was a wonderful person with a very funny and dry sense of humor. To this day I still break into a smile when I think of the time that Dick came up to me in the yard at Notre Dame high school and said - You know you should never go out on a date with just you and a girl, you should always double date than you will have someone to talk to. After high school Dick spent a couple of years at Saint Mary's in Moraga California. After that Dick joined the army and spent some time back in Boston. When Dick got out of the army he began working as an analyst for Dunn and Bradstreet.

When Jim and I (Roger Brennan) began working for the State of California and Dick was working for Dunn and Bradstreet we rented a house in Van Nuys. not too long after that we all got married and started our families. Jim married Abby Murphy and they had one daughter Shannon. Dick married my sister Fran and they had two children (Maggie and Matthew). Jim passed away in his mid thirties most likely due to complications related to a very serious automobile accident that he had had years earlier. Dick passed away some 12 years ago due to the effects of a severe form of arthritis.

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