Monday, July 30, 2007


Bob Souza
Famous California Wine Maker

I just received the following message from Bob Souza.
Jerry fecht

fecht bob souza lives and will be sending pic and current bio soon i really am in the vineyard almost all the time harvest and bottling all occur in the next two months then i get my life back bob souza

note from Fecht

After the bottling, Bob forgot to mention, comes the drinking.
I don't much like St. Paul, but he did say something that I think fits into my pagan philosophy: "A little wine is good for the stomach."

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Actually, this isn't Bob Souza, but no doubt after working in the Bakersfiled sun and tending the grapes, he will soon appear much like this historic image of General Andreas Pico.
Pico was the California warrior who surrendered California to Lt. Col. John C. Fremont. fecht