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David Hanna
Notre Dame
High School
Class of 1957

(Note: This is Dave's commercial biography. We redo it when we acquire his personal history)
David Hanna has been President, CEO, or Director of more than 15 high technology companies. He is Chairman of the Board of Blue Coat Systems and Tropos Networks, and is on the Board of Directors of Handmark Inc. Chairman of Hanna Ventures, Hanna is known for his success investing in early stage technology companies. A former senior executive at IBM, Hanna was honored in 2004 with the first-ever “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Software Council of Southern California and was named “2001 Director of the Year – Early Stage Companies” by The Forum for Corporate Directors. In addition, he received the Software Council’s "1998 Software CEO of the Year Award".

Hanna was Chairman of and served on the Board of Directors of Empower America. He was a California Finance Co-Chairman of the Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign and also headed up Californians for Thune in 2004. Hanna holds a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, and served as a U.S. Navy nuclear weapons and guided missile officer, and did a tour of duty in Vietnam


Looking west from the Brothers' House across the San Fernando Valley August 2007
temperature 87 degrees at 7:45 pm
Photo by Phyllis Hansen using a cell phone camera

Brother William Nick and Alumni Director Katie Feeney graciously invited The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Board to meet on campus this week. I haven't been around the school in years and years and years. Our Board members were amazed at how beautiful the school is. As we left our meeting, the western sky was bursting with a splendid sunset. The clouds had arrived all the way from an African hurricane. that crossed all of Mexico in order to make the Valley steamy hot.
Don't foreget to set aside the weekend of October 12 through 14th for our joyous 50th reunion. Perhaps we can arrange a Southern California sundown, just for your return.


Band Practice at Notre Dame High School
Wednesday 7:40pm - August 29, 2007

Brother Eugenio's great legacy
to his school and to the San Fernando Valley

What we are looking for in your biography.
Your name
What you did after graduating from NDHS in 1957
colleges, degrees, military service, adventures, career choice/s,
marriages, kids, interests, stuff you are involved in
your wife's name - Valley background?
your kids' names - careers
Try to include things that let us know what Google doesn't know about you.

Please include photographs - snapshots are ok.
send them by jpg or gif formats.


Dan and Rosemary Luecke and their son Andrew.

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The following is a memorial tribute to our classmate Mike Capriola - NDHS 1957
by James Conway in the Congo, Africa.


Mike Capriola, Class of 1957, and I became fast friends down Riverside
Drive at Fulton where we box boyed together at the Vons Market, then
still owned by the Von der Ahe family. The US $1.10 an hour didn't get us
very far. Chuck Von, was class of '56.
You may remember that Mike
brought Bob Hope's daughter, Linda, to our Senior Prom. He even got a kiss
at the doorstep at the end of the night. As we were double dating, I
was a witness. Dolores, Linda's mother, was Italian born and liked
Italians. I don't think Mike and Linda went anywhere as a couple.

Mike was comfortable around food, as his parents had been in the
restuarant and food business for a long time, before and after their move
from the Bronx to Sherman Oaks. I had the best lasagna of my life at Mamma
Capriola's lunch table, up the street from Vons. I remember when Mike
went back to NYC to visit his uncles. He discovered that they ran the
numbers game in the Bronx and Harlem. He commented, "No wonder my
parents moved out of there."
Again, I was treated at an International House of Pancakes (IHAP)in
California where his parents had purchased a franchise.

It was no surprise that Mike went into the restaurant business himself,
after a Business major in Arizona, and a stint in the Navy at Norfolk,
VA where Mike was Manager of the Officer's Club restaurant. Mike
married a Navy nurse from Virginia, and had a boy and a girl. They moved for
a while to Northern California and then to Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2001, I received a note from Scottsdale, Arizona from Mike saying that he
had cancer and was given about six months to live. It took me about
seven months to get there because I was living overseas. I caught up
with Mike's son in Scottsdale who was running a very successful restaurant
called Carlsbad Taverns (a play, I presume on the famous Carlsbad
Caverns in New Mexico.) Mike's widow came over and joined myself and the
son for dinner. Mike had passed away a month before. He was as big as a
house, and the weight, and weak heart, added to the cancer to do him
in. He worked up to the end and always kept his gracious, cheerful
personality. His legacy was the successful restaurant which the son was
efficiently managing.
Mike will be with us in spirit at the 50th, smiling
and reaching out to us.

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Richard Oliver
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After his graduation from Notre Dame High School, Dick Oliver enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College. He earned his Bachelor's degree at California State University Northridge.
Richard Oliver married Ann O'Hare, a 1957 graduate of Bellamine -Jefferson High School in Burbank, California. They have been married for 45 years, and share two children both of whom graduated from Bishop Alemany High School in the San Fernando Valley.
The Oliver's son, Tom graduated from California State University Fresno and lives in Clovis, California Tom is often in contact with Jim Schmiederer (NDHS 1957) and his family. Their daughter, Joan married Lawrence Luke (Crespi High School 1982). She and her husband graduated from Santa Clara University in 1986. The Lukes live in San Clemente with the Olver's four grandchildren who are now attending Santa Margarita School. Ann notes, "As you can see, we have populated many of the Catholic high schools in Southern California."
Spending most of his career working for electronics and aerospace companies, Dick became a Senior Staff Accountant. During that time he worked for Litton, Lockeed and Teledyne. He worked with Joe Allegretti (NDHS Class of 1956) at Allegretti and Company.
Dick retired in 2004, and moved with his wife Ann to Sun Lakes Country Club in Banning, California. The Olivers have lived in their retirement home in Banning for three years.
You can learn about Ann Oliver's business by visiting her website at:

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I just got this email from Katie Feeney, our NDHS Alumni coordinator for our reunion.

Greetings from the Alumni Office at Notre Dame.

Re/hotels near Notre Dame where you might stay at for your reunion weekend. We will be getting the reunion packets out to your class in another two weeks or so. We have a block of rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott on Ventura Blvd. (at Sepulveda) at a rate of $129 per night.
Katie will send you the special rate "code number" at your request. if you want to go ahead and make reservations in advance.

We look forward to facilitating a great reunion weekend for your class on the weekend of Oct. 12-13.

Katie Feeney
Assoc. Director of Alumni Relations & Publications
Notre Dame High School
13645 Riverside Drive
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 933-3606


On his graduation from Notre Dame High School in 1957, Patrick M. Smith enrolled in Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science there in 1962. He then entered Boalt Hall School of Law, the University of California Berkeley, from where he received a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1966.
Patrick returned to the Pacific Northwest where he passed the Bar Examination and became an Associate at Krause, Lindsey and Nahstoll, in Portland, Oregon. He worked for that firm until 1968. That he Patrick co-founded Smith, Todd & Ball, Portland, Oregon. He remained a partner there until 1979, when he accepted the position of Special Antitrust Counsel to Washington Fruit and Produce Company in Yakima, Washington until 1982.
Patrick Smith then served as the Chief Legal Counsel to The Honorable Yutaka M. Gibbons, High Chief Ibedul to The Republic of Palau. The High Chief's position in Palau is similar to that of a king. Palau is a small island nation in the Pacific, 6 degrees N. of the Equator and 500 miles east of the Phillipines. He held this position until 1983
"My tenure in Palau was cut short when the political enemies of Ibedul blew up my boat and then firebombed my house. A rapid departure was made with my passport, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and Tevas--the story was covered by NBC's First Camera and ABC's 20/20."
Patrick then accepted the more tame position of General Counsel and Sr. Vice-President of Smith's Home Furnishings, Portland, Oregon (1983-1987)
From 1988 until 2003, Patrick was a partner and shareholder in Haskins, Nugent, Newnham, Kane & Zvetina, P.C., San Diego, California. In 2003, he retired from the practice of law and moved to Sisters, Oregon the following year.
"I have been married three times, but have finally got it right with my current wife, Lesley Allison. Lesley is a retired health care lawyer and CEO of a large medical group management company specializing in the management of Anesthesiologists."
Patrick has two children. Matt is a lawyer with his own firm in Seattle, Washington and Melissa is an executive headhunter and homemaker in Portland, Oregon. Each of his children has two children. "My wife's son has a daughter in Bulgaria and a daughter in San Diego, which gives me six grandkids altogether."
The Smiths retirement consists "mostly of spending time with the grandkids and traveling extensively."
In 2007, Patrick and Lesley Allison have traveled to six continents, missing only Australia. In January and February they spent 6 weeks in Antarctica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru; June was spent in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. This October and November the Smiths will be in China and Tibet. " I hope to make the Century Club for those who have traveled to 100 countries before I die. I am at 70 now, so obviously my work is cut out for me."

"I look forward to seeing many of my old high school friends and the Reunion in October."


Mary Lou and Jim Grove

Family of Charles and Penny Hill

Hello to all of you - from Alaska. Carol Ann and I moved up here in 2002.
A big thanks to you, Jerry; this is a great idea. See you in October; we're really looking forward to it. I'm including a couple of photos so you'll recognize us; a before and after, if you will. We haven't changed all that much in 50 years now, have we?
The snow machine ride is out of Unalakleet. We were trying to find a caribou heard that had been hanging around town. Unalakleet is an Eskimo village of about 800 on the Bering Sea. We were visiting our daughter and son-in-law, and to see the Iditarod mushers come through. Unalakleet is a check point. We just love it up here.
Peter Irsfeld


James Grove

Notre Dame High School

Class of 1957

After graduation from Notre Dame High School in 1957, Jim Grove enrolled in Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills. He studied there for two years when he accepted a position at the RCA Service Company. At RCA, Jim helped to write an instruction manual for the firing and repair of the Atlas missile. In his words, "I hated it!"
Jim began to test for fire department employment in Southern California. In March of 1964 he was hired by the Beverly Hills Fire Department. In 1978, Jim was promoted to the position of engineer. He retired from the fire department in 1993, "after 29 years and two riots. What a job!"
Jim and his wife Mary Lou have been married for 35 years. According to Jim, "Mary Lou is Irish, but I married her anyway."
-------- Editor's note: Just wait until Mary Lou reads this! --------
Jim and Mary Lou share four children and eight grandchildren. Seven of the grandchildren are boys and one is a girl. The Groves are members of St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Westlake, California. Jim works one day each week for the Los Robles Golf Course. He comments, ""Great fun! I see Dennis Borowski there."
Jim Grove and Bill Westmyer were lifelong friends. He says that, "I saw Bill Westmyer a month before he passed away. Bill and I had private pilots' licenses. We flew together a lot. Bill was a good pilot and a lot of fun. I met Bill in the first grade."
"I am looking forward to the reunion."
"God has been very good to us. We are able to travel quite a bit."

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Patrick Curtis and date - Notre Dame High School Prom 1957

Peter Irsfeld and date (future wife) Carol Ann - Notre Dame High School Prom 1956


Peter Irsfeld attended St. Francis de Sales grammar school in Sherman Oaks. He graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1957. Peter earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics degree from Stanford University in 1961, after which enrolled at the University of California Los Angeles where he completed a Master of Science degree in Physics.
After completing his studies at UCLA in 1963, Peter Irsfeld went on to law school, "mostly to get it out of my system - my dad and granddad were both lawyers. Peter practiced with his father and grandfather for several years in Hollywood and in Glendale, California. He retired from the practice of law in 1997, "frankly, it wasn't fun anymore."
Carol Ann Rando and Peter Irsfeld were married in 1961. They lived in Sherman Oaks for nearly 30 years. They share four children who now "live all over the place. Anthony (NDHS 1981) is in Boston; Monica and Daniel live in Camarillo California; and Anne lives in Unalakleet, Arkansas. The Isfelds have 8 grandchildren (4 boys and 4 girls; ages 2 ½ to 21).
In 1977 Carol Ann and Peter went on a Marriage Encounter weekend that was a life changing experience. "From 1976 to 1981 we presented weekends, were involved in leadership and trained couples and priests to give the weekend. We gave training weekends all over the US, in the Philippines and South Africa. We “retired” from active involvement when we adopted Daniel in 1981."
"In 1991 we bought the Olallieberry Inn; a 6 room Inn in Cambria, CA. We expanded it to 9 rooms and made it into one of Frommer’s top 10 categories. I learned how to telecommute. I can remember talking to clients while making crepes. I did most of the cooking and wrote a cookbook. We fulfilled a lot of dreams but it’s a 24/7 business and 10 years was enough. We sold the Inn in 2001."
The Irsfelds, after visiting Alaska for a number of years, decided to live there in November of 2001. Their children Anthony and Anne spent a year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Juneau and Nome. Carol Ann and Peter were in Anchorage awaiting the birth of Anne's first child, when they made the decision to make Alaska their home. "In May of 2002 we bought a house and in June loaded all our c--- in the biggest U-haul they make and drove up the AlCan highway. What a great adventure!"
The Irsfelds are retired and in good health. They are both CASAs (court appointed special advocates.) They advocate for children who are in state custody, usually through abuse and neglect. "We try to put a face on an otherwise impersonal system and present the court with a perspective as to what is in the children’s best interests."
Both Peter's and Carol's dads are still living. They are now respectively 95 and 97. Peter says, "We visit them and family about 4 times a year; or, as we Alaskans say, we go 'outside'." How they feel about living in the far North, "We love living here!"

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Fred Dunn Notre Dame High School Class of 1957

Fred Dunn entered Notre Dame High School as a freshman in 1953, after graduating from St. Francis de Sales grade school. Upon completing his four years at NDHS in 1957, Fred joined the Holy Cross Brothers, along with nine of his classmates, and went through the Novitiate in Rolling Prairie, Indiana, and then attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX, where he got his BS in physics in 1961. Fred then taught in Holy Cross high schools for four years. In 1965, Fred applied for and received a National Science Foundation scholarship to Brown University. He attended Brown from the summer of 1965 through the summer of 1966, obtaining a Masters degree in physics. While he was a student at Brown, Fred decided that the religious life was not his calling, and he left the Holy Cross Brothers.

After completing his studies at Brown in August, 1966, Fred went to work at Hughes Aircraft Co. in Fullerton, CA as a systems engineer on Navy sonar programs, a job that he would be engaged in intermittently for the next thirty years. As part of his job, Fred was involved in the design and testing of tactical and surveillance sonar systems, and during his career he spent from weeks to months each year on surface ships and submarines performing these test activities. When General Motors bought Hughes Aircraft in the mid 1980s, Fred was assigned to a technology transfer program, and he spent several months in Michigan, working with General Motors Divisions including final drive (differentials), air conditioning, and power steering. Following this effort with General Motors, he was transferred to a program with the Royal Australian Navy and spent several months in the Sydney area, working on a plan to adapt a U.S. Navy surveillance sonar system to RAN applications.

Shortly after starting work at Hughes in 1966, Fred discovered a sport that he was actually good at: snow skiing. Throughout his youth, Fred had been terrible at team sports due to hopelessly lacking eye-hand coordination. He tried out for basketball and softball teams in grade school, and was doomed to sit on the bench for all but the last two minutes of a sure-to-be-lost game. Upon discovering a sport that he could participate in successfully, Fred became an avid snow skier, driving up to Mammoth Mountain every other weekend during the winter months, as well as spending his vacations at ski destinations in the United States, Canada and Europe. In the summers, he took up water skiing, hiking and running.

Fred married his wife Donna in 1977, and they have two daughters, Julie and Lisa. Julie, the oldest, was born in 1978, and after graduating from high school, she went to California State University in Chico, CA. She dropped out of college midway through her sophomore year, and soon thereafter, got married and had a son. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, and she is now divorced and trying to rebuild her life. Julie’s sister Lisa was born in 1980. Lisa received a full tuition scholarship to University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received her BS in electrical engineering, and was an active member of the UCSB track and cross-country teams for her four undergraduate years. After graduation, she enrolled in the UCSB graduate school and received a Masters degree in electrical engineering. She is currently single and is living in Santa Barbara. Lisa is employed by Raytheon Company in Goleta, CA, and still enjoys running several times a week.

Fred worked as a senior systems engineer at Hughes Aircraft Co. until November, 1997, when he retired. He then started his own engineering consulting business, and has done consulting work for Hughes, Raytheon, Digital Systems Resources, and L3 Communications. As time has passed, Fred has let the consulting work slow down, and he is now fully retired. Fred is no longer active in skiing, but is still an avid hiker. He hikes several days each week, totaling on average about 20 miles per week. Fred frequently makes use of Metrolink trains from Fullerton to provide convenient transportation to various hiking trails/routes in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Area regions.

On a negative note, Fred and his wife Donna have grown apart over the years, and after 32 years together, they are in the process of getting divorced. Fred continues to live in Fullerton.

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Over the past 50 years since we graduated from Notre Dame, my life has been good. I have a loving, caring wife, Janet, who has been by my side for 44 years and four devoted sons. What more could a man want? I've had my ups and downs over the past years, but which one of us hasn't?

What did Notre Dame give me that continues to bless my life? Let me tell you. It is something more than money can buy. It is FRIENDSHIP! I have been blessed with loyal and devoted classmates including one from the class of '56. These friends have especially been close to me over the past 10 years. The photo you see here with some of my ND classmates says it

So I say to all my friends, the ones I see all the time and the friends I haven't seen since the last reunion, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you! Tony Susca

P.S. I know all of you feel the same way but I just had to say it!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Norman Lee Moraux
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After gradating from Notre Dame High School in 1957, Norm Moraux started his career in industrial quality management. He worked in the areas of engineering products, in textiles, aerospace and the automotive industry.
In 1961, Norman Moraux married Virginia Donckels.
Virginia and Norman have five childre, Lee Ann (Conner), Julie (Lumpkin), Christine (Byrd), Mathew and Norman Jr. They share nine grandchildren.
in 2007, Norm is retired. He and Virginia live in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. He is a member of Saint Philip Catholic Community, where he serves as a Lector in the Church. He also supervises the schedule for other Lectors, Altar Servers, Etra-Ordinary Ministers and Ushers. Like his classmate, Michael Dudley in Hawaii, Norm is a member of the Knights of Columbus. His Council is 11471. He also volunteers his services to the Boy Scouts of America and Habitat for Humanity in Berkeley County.
One of the most interesting things that Norm Moraux does with his retirement time is working as a volunteer at the famous Mepkin Abbey Botanical Garden. This natural area and botanical collection occupies 3,200 acres of Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist Monastery. The grounds began as the Mepkin Plantation, home of American patriot Henry Laurens. The house itself was burned by the British and again by the Union Army in the Civil War. Today's garden was established as landscape gardens on the country estate of noted publisher Henry R. Luce and his wife Clare Boothe Luce (who are buried on the site). The grounds feature live oaks and a camellia garden designed by landscape architect Loutrel Briggs. What a nice place to spend one's retirement hours.


Charles Hill
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After his graduation from Notre Dame High School in 1957. Chuck Hill enrolled in Los Angeles Valley College. There he was, with our classmates, Dave Hanna, Mike Walls, Walt Griffith and Tony Salas, a member of the Sigma Delta Fraternity. He married Penny McQuady, a alumna of Corvallis Catholic High School in Sherman Oaks.
Charles Hills was raised in Van Nuys, where his family owned Hills Liquor Store. After college, Chuck and his wife opened an insurance agency very near where the family business once stood. Penny and Chuck plan to sell their insurance practice this year and retire to a home in the city of Ventura.
The Hills share two children, a daughter Jennifer, who attended Corvallis, and a son Kevin, who went to Notre Dame (class of _______).
Charles Hill is a devout Catholic and serves as a Eucharistic Minister in his parish. Chuck was for most of his adult life a long distance runner, and did so until a knee injury slowed him down, … just a bit.


JIM Conway in front of the pyramids of the Nubian 'black pharoahs".
Meroah, the Sudan

After graduation from NDHS in June of 1957, Jim thought the priesthood could be a way of serving his fellow men, and headed for the Los Angeles Diocesan Seminary next to the San Fernando Mission. The adjacent San Fernando Cemetery family plot holds his father, mother, grandmother and sister.
Jim's ordination to the Paulist Fathers took place in New York City nine years later, and he then headed out to Utah to work with Spanish-speaking farm workers.
After almost a year, Jim was moved to New York City to work with youth gangs on the West Side. The Paulists gave him the old Paulist Press book warehouse to use. He transformed it into a disco called the “Cave” where Puerto Rican and Afro-American youth met, danced and discussed their problems. Ten boys were assisted to join drug-rehabilitation programs through the disco.
Jim was asked in late 1967 to join the Newman Center Catholic Chaplaincy program at the University of California at Berkeley. He worked, as the youngest staff member, with the undergraduate and graduate students, who were immersed in the Free Speech movement, the People’s Park, the United Farm Workers Union (Cesar Chavez) and international social issues. In 1971, Jim asked the Paulists for a “leave of absence” to go to Brazil and Chile and write a thesis on liberation thinking and social change through Christianity. The thesis was published and Jim continued his leave of absence. He taught at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California in the Department of Religious Studies for a couple of years.
In 1974 Jim married Maruja Velez Gonzalez from Peru, and started an overseas career together with her. They are still together 33 years later. After extensive years of overseas living, the Conway children all reside in the West side of LAX. Their son Manuel is a lawyer in Los Angeles-and graduate of UCLA and Loyola Law School. A second son Jim is a Senior Environmental Analyst for the City of Santa Monica whose offices are above the carousel of the old pier. Maruja and Jim's daughter Maite, born in Africa, is Executive Director of a LAX publicity agency specialized in travel companies and restaurant publicity. She did her university work in Toulouse, France and at UCSB. “Cirque du Soleil” recently scouted her to do the publicity for their new Las Vegas show. She declined; didn’t want to live in that city.
Since 1974, excepting two years, Jim and Maruja have lived overseas—Jim recalls his career as serving in the armpits of the world. In Latin America, they served in Peru, Brazil, and Chile. In Asia, they served in Bangladesh and Indonesia. (7 years)
In Africa, they have served 17 years total, including Niger, Zaire, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On the upside, they lived 2 years in the UK, where Jim did an MA in Development Economics, (and could market himself as a Socio-Economist) and five years in Rome at the headquarters of the UN World Food Program.
Jim retired from the United Nations World Food Program after twenty years, and does freelance consultancies. He still plays a lot of tennis and bridge; and travels as a hobby.
Today, Jim and Maruja work in Congo, Kinshasa for the US government. Jim is Director of the Food for Peace program. His email is

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Our classmate Dick Daly was one of nearly a dozen graduates of the Notre Dame High Class of 1957 to join the Brothers of Holy Cross. Dick and his pal Dan Zerfas invented an elaborate fantasy baseball game and spent many afternoon hours practicing their beloved game in nearby city parks.
Shortly after most of the graduates began their summer jobs, Richard left for Wisconsin for an orientation and then to Indiana and the Holy Cross novitiate. In the fall, he enrolled in Saint Edward's University in Austin, Texas, where in 1961 he was awarded a Bachelor's degree in English and History. Almost immediately Brother Richard was assigned to his first teaching position at Archbishop Curley High School in Miami, Florida. He began by teaching four classes, English, history, government and religion. A short time later, Dick was assigned the role of Athletic Director and Head Track Coach. Speaking of the track coaching joy, Dick said, “That was the one sport I didn’t know anything about,” he laughs, “but there were some good books in the library.”
Richard Daly remembers Miami as a “magic city” and the school staff as “a great group of people,” but his obvious energy and talents kept him from settling in. In 1964 was assigned as the first Vice Principal of the new coed Notre Dame Catholic High School in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was in charge of the "boys' department", no doubt using examples in discipline learned from Brother Robert Hampton of NDHS in Sherman Oaks. In a short time, he became the Principal of the entire school.
Richard remained in Wichita Falls until 1972, when he accepted the position of Assistant to the President of St. Edward's University and the Director of University Relations. His primary duties for the University included running the Annual Fund, overseeing alumni relations and raising funds for the college. He also mastered the skills needed to work with business and foundations.
According to a Holy Cross publication, "unlike most people in political life, Brother Richard Daly didn’t start out with a burning desire to work for legislative concerns. But like many men in our community, he discovered a new talent after years of rewarding work in other fields."
In 1974, Richard Daly was assigned to the staff of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, with his chief assignment the monitoring of the Constitutional Convention of Texas. Much was at stake for private colleges in the reformation of Texas government. The job was essentially that of a lobbyist. When the Convention was concluded, an offer from the Texas Catholic Conference (TCC) followed, and he became Director of Education and Government Relations for the next five years. In April 1979, the state bishops requested that he serve as Executive Director.
Somewhere in the excitement of his legislative career, Richard Daly found the time to complete a Master of Arts in History from Santa Clara University in Northern California.
As an advocate for the interests of the Catholic Church in Texas, Richard spoke in 2002 about his plans, "We’re getting ready in the area of public policy concerns, for instance, we’d like kids in private schools to get the loan of free textbooks. We’re also supporting legislation to ban human cloning.”
About his unique position representing the Catholic Church, Richard said, “a lot of my colleagues in other conferences are lawyers or former judges and legislators, and they know the public policy side of it. They are very curious about how we operate here. Being a Brother has made it easier for me to do the non-public policy side of this job, because Brothers are more focused on ministry.”
In the last five years working for the Catholic Bishops of Texas, Richard saw the State's demographics change dramatically. "The transfer of corporate workers from other parts of the country and Texas’ growing Hispanic population has increased the state’s Roman Catholic population to 25 percent." This growing Catholic presence increased Brother Richard’s responsibilities considerably. Brother Richard found himself speaking across the State of Texas
In an interview Brother Daly commented, “[In the space of two weeks] the Peace and Justice Commission at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso has asked me to talk about the broad spectrum of social justice issues of the Church,” he explains. “Catholic Charities is hosting a luncheon of 27 elected officials in Houston, where I’ll discuss the role of TCC and our legislative agenda. And in Fort Worth activists from the Dallas and Fort Worth dioceses are gathering for an all-day workshop on the death penalty, and I’ll provide a verbal snapshot of the legislature, where we have a new Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House, and a first-time Republican majority in the House and Senate.”
In 2006 Brother Richard Daly retired from his position with the Texas Catholic Bishops Conference.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Frank Siciliani—I spoke with him a few years ago and he was in Phoenix. The alumni office might have some contact info. If not, they can probably reach him through his brother, Anthony (Tony) who was in the 59 class and is more likely to keep in contact with the school.


Jay Whitney

Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

Jay Whitney was born in Omaha, Nebraska His dad, John was a big band leader, country band leader, songwriter, postman and later, after the family moved to California in 1949, a Burbank City Councilman, Mayor and, for 25 years, Burbank City Treasurer.

Jay's mother, Mabel worked in Burbank for Safeway for 35 year and helped many NDHS "box boys" get after-school jobs.

While living in Omaha, Jay played the accordion and sang in his Dad's country band, Tex Rogers and his Cowboys. Jay was billed as Tex Jr.
After moving to Burbank, Jay attended and graduated from St. Finbar's grade school. He was an Eagle Scout in St. Finbar's Troop 7 Boy Scouts.

After graduating from NDHS, Jay majored in Chemical Engineering at the
University of Notre Dame. He was on a US Navy, ROTC scholarship. While at Notre Dame, he was president of the Notre Dame Debate Team and participated in more than fifty debate tournaments, more than 500 debates, throughout the country. Jay graduated with honors in 1961 and was one of four graduates awarded the Dome Award for outstanding achievement.

After receiving his degree at Notre Dame, served in the United States Navy for eight years. He was assigned to the Naval Reactors staff of Admiral Rickover in Washington, D.C. He worked there for five years as a naval officer and three years as a civilian. While working for the Admiral, Jay participated in more than fifty Reactor Safeguards Examinations on-board nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships. He also attended night classes at Catholic University of America and received a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering.

During his last several years at Naval Reactors, Jay worked directly for the Admiral as the Project Manager of the new design Electric Drive Submarine, later commissioned as the USS Glenard P. Lipscomb.

In 1963, Jay Whitney married Julie Hedges, a graduate of St. Mary's College. They met on a Notre Dame - St. Mary's debate trip in 1960. They have three sons - Christopher, Craig and Michael. Chris is a pediatrician in private practice in San Jose, CA. He graduated from Georgetown University, Georgetown Medical School and interned at Stanford. He is married to Marci and they have three children, Andrew, Colin and Madeline.

Craig is a marketing director for Dreyer's and Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream in Oakland CA. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and the University of Notre Dame Business School. He is married to Melissa, also a Notre Dame Business School graduate, and they have two children, Flannery and Cormac. Craig is also a wine-maker. He and Melissa and a grade school friend and his wife own and operate Longfellow Wines. They make outstanding Cabernets, Pinots and Syrahs.

Michael is a commodities trader in New York City. He graduated from Vanderbilt University, Southern Methodist University Law School and University of Texas Business School.

In 1969, Jay left Admiral Rickover and Naval Reactors and co-founded an
engineering company, General Physics Corporation. General Physics provided engineering services for commercial nuclear utility companies and technical training services for the Navy. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, General Physics had field offices at several locations throughout the US.

While Jay was with General Physics, Julie was setting up a consulting practice and getting a Masters Degree in Education from

Loyola University in Baltimore and a PhD in Education from Catholic University of America. General Physics became a public company in 1982
and grew to more than $30 million in sales per year.

In 1987, Jay and Julie moved to Northern California and joined PharmChem
Laboratories, Jay as President and Chairman and Julie as Director of Client Services. Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, PharmChem was a drug testing laboratory that tested for drugs of abuse nation-wide for corporations and criminal justice agencies. PharmChem became a public company in 1992 and grew to more than $15 million in sales per year.

In 1997, Jay and Julie left PharmChem and purchased EuroStone, Inc., a direct importer of natural stone. EuroStone's warehouse showroom is in San Leandro, CA. Jay and Julie live in Berkeley, California.


(We'll include a photo of Jim as soon as we receive it.)

After graduation in 1957, Jim Lentini (Gaspano James Lentini) enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College, where he studied Police Science for two years ("thinking I wanted to be a cop like Saerno.") In 1960, he followed two friends from Notre Dame High School, Frank Byrnes and Tom Patterson (both Class of 1958) by volunteering for the draft.

After boot camp, James was OJT in the Military Police at Fort Lee Virginia. At Fort Lee, he qualified for OCS (Officers Candidate School). But before completing the OCS application procedure, Lentini received orders for duty in South Korea. "I decided to delay OCS and visit the Far East at Government expense!"

Korea was a great adventure; Jim was an MP at Pan Mon Jon where the peace talks were held. While serving there he met his best friend Nick Sandoval. At the end of his tour of duty, he decided not to pursue a military career or OCS, and returned to civilian life in 1962.

Jim Lentini returned to LA Valley College to finish his education. With enough police work under his belt, he switched to a major in Business.
In 1964, he entered the insurance business with another NDHS graduate Tom Prendergast. He became a General Agent in 1970 and continued his pursuit of the American dream, expanding his insurance business and financial planning.
James married in 1964, had two sons Nick and Jeff, and was divorced in 1974.

"After my single years 1974 to 1979, I planned a fishing trip to Mazatlan with friends, and met my wife Susan and was married three months later. Both of our friends said it wouldn’t last, but it’s been 28 years this November."

Susan left her position as an executive secretary for a major corporation and joined the growing G. James Lentini Company. Jim's oldest son Nick joined the firm in 1989 and has gradually taken over more and more responsibilities in the agency.

Because of his responsibilities in his family's restaurant during Jim's years at Notre Dame High School, he was not able to participate in sports. But, as the years have passed he can now enjoy boating, water and snow skiing, golf, motorcycles, and his passion for antique cars.

"Now that I’m getting older and some joints aren’t working as well, I’m limiting my skiing, only riding my street Harley and cruising with my grandson's in my ’52 Olds. The Olds has a special story as I bought the same model from Bob Dominesse (’57) after we graduated in 1957 and drag raced it until I went into the Army in 1960. Unfortunately, I sold it when I returned from Korea , and hadn’t seen another until I found the one I have now.

When I found this one in 1983, I had to have it, as I remember 1957-1960, when I had the ’52 bought from Bob, the only problems I had in the world was having the Olds ready for the weekend for dates and drags. Now, I drive this one only for show (its dangerous going fast and they don’t stop very well), and think and reminisce about the “good ole days”. Of course, I try to play golf as often as possible."

Jim Lentini is kept busy in 2007, "My life is very busy now keeping up with my wife Susan, our two grandsons Dominic and Marco that Nick has given us, keeping up with business, being involved in Rotary, and playing as often as I can."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Notre Dame High School
Class of 1958

I have received so many comments about Bob Colonna that I am trying to contact him about our blog. So far this is some of the information I have found about him. I haven't edited it, so enjoy it coming your way as I have gleaned it on the web.
Jerry Fecht

Bob Colonna has been an actor, director, narrator, announcer and performer professionally for fifty years, beginning on the British Variety stage with his father, comedian Jerry Colonna. Most recently he has worked at 2nd Story Theater in Warren, Rhode Island as Willy Loman in Death of A Salesman and Vladimir in Waiting For Godot, among other roles. He has been seen in Boston at The Huntington Theatre and Lyric Stage, in Providence at Trinity Rep, at Milwaukee Rep, the Old Globe (CA), the Bread Loaf School of English (VT) and The Theater at Monmouth (ME). He was founder and artistic director of The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater from 1971 to 1990. He has also directed at several Rhode Island colleges as well as The Theater at Monmouth, 2nd Story Theatre, New Stage, and many other venues. His voice has been heard in more than 5,000 radio commercials in the New England area. Bob is currently an Adjunct Professor of Theatre at Rhode Island College. His book of children's show business stories, Zoe's Vaudeville Act, is available at and he is about to publish a biography of his dad.


Kids came from long distances to Notre Dame High School, creating friendships across the San Fernando Valley and beyond. Leo Whitaker came from Glendale, often with Alex Bryant and his famous Packard. The Dudley kids came all the way from Newhall. Some of us may remember that when it rained, really hard, the Los Angeles River became a real river! Tyrone Avenue in Van Nuys was a test of a genuine commitment to an ND education.


Michael Dudley

Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After high school, Mike joined the Holy Cross Brothers along with nine other ’57 graduates. He graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin with a major in English and Latin, and did graduate work in Latin and Greek. He remained a Holy Cross Brother for fifteen years, teaching in New Orleans , San Francisco , and Miami . In 1971, he moved to Hawaii , finished an MA in theology, and began teaching at Chaminade University . He taught on the college level for the next thirteen years. During those years, he took a trip around the world to study world religions, got another MA (Asian Philosophy), and received a doctorate in Philosophy (Western, Asian, and Hawaiian). His first book, Man, Gods, and Nature, on traditional Hawaiian religion, has recently been translated into Japanese. In the ‘80s, he became involved in the native Hawaiian movement and wrote a second book, A Call for Hawaiian Sovereignty. That book was published as the Iron Curtain was coming down and new nations were becoming sovereign, and he was invited to speak on the Hawaiian sovereignty movement at the University of London, Berlin University in East Germany , and Kogakkan University in Japan .
Soon after arriving in Hawaii , Mike took a Hawaiian language class in which students were asked to take Hawaiian names. Mike took “Kioni,” and as his circle of friends grew, everyone knew him by that name.
In 1994, Kioni ran for Governor of Hawai'i as the Green Party candidate. His strong environmental stands resonated with the news media, and he received tremendous publicity. He won both televised debates, and although he lost the election, his name had become a household word in Hawaii . In 1998, he ran for Lt. Governor.
Mike and Doris have been happily married for twenty-six years. He has a stepson and one granddaughter. He recently retired after forty-five years of teaching. He thoroughly enjoys pumping iron three times a week, and open ocean swimming. He sings with the Kapolei Chorale, that Doris, a music teacher, and he formed two years ago. And he’s actively involved in local politics, environmental activities, and church. This year, he was named Hawaii state Grand Knight of the year by the Knights of Columbus.
Mike would enjoy getting back in touch. His e-mail is

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


ALUMNI…Here is a great opportunity for you to be a part of the first tapings of "The Price Is Right" with its new host, the very funny
Drew Carey!

Drew is taking over for Bob Barker, a television game show legend. CBS would like to fill the audience with fun, upbeat people (18 and over—who better than Notre Dame alum?!) to help celebrate this new era.

The taping of the show is exciting to watch; you have the opportunity to be a contestant and Notre Dame will receive a $20 donation for everyone associated with the school who attends. Just mention that you are with Notre Dame! It would be great to go in groups of 5, 10 or more because CBS would then guarantee seating.

When: The dates now available are:
August 16, 17
August 28, 29, 30
September 11, 12, 13
Depending on availability there could more dates in the future.

PRICE tapes two shows per day. You would have to be available from either 9am to 2:30pm or 1pm to 6:30pm. You need to have two forms of I.D., a driver’s license and something with your Social Security number on it. A passport can substitute for the driver’s license. Everyone in the audience is a potential contestant unless you have been on contestant’s row or a contestant previously. If you are ineligible to be a contestant, you will still be a more than welcome guest.

How: If you decide you want to take advantage of this fun day, please contact Karen Winchell, Manager, Guest Relations or you can call her at (323) 575-2448.

Please let Karen know that you are from Notre Dame High School and your contact is Barbara Welsh (she is one of our Volunteer & Special Event Coordinators). Also let her know if you are coming with a group.

Where: CBS is located at 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. It is at the corner of Beverly and Fairfax. You would park at The Grove located directly behind CBS. Parking is not validated. You then walk from the parking lot to Fairfax Ave. and enter the CBS lot on the south/east corner. A Security Guard and/or Page will direct you to the PRICE bench area for check in.

HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! Your Alumni Contact, Nora McGarry


Robert Souza

Notre Dame High School

Class of 1957

Bob Souza graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1957. He worked for many years in the insurance business in the San Fernando Valley. In 1990, he and his wife Patty left the city and their work as insurance brokers to "find a simpler life." According to the Souza Family Vinyard's website, "They settled in Cummings Valley, a beautiful agricultural area in Tehachapi, California, which is called "The Land of Four Seasons", as it has an altitude of 4000 feet. At the summit of the Tehachapi Mountains, this community is considered the "best kept secret in California".
"The Souzas bought a real "Cinderella" story, the Elijah Stowell Estate, an 1888 Victorian home and barns on 60 acres overlooking the valley. After years of hard work, the industrious Souzas beautifully restored the lovely historic property which they call the 'Souza Ranch'. The ranch and gardens have hosted many charitable events, including "Cowboy Poetry" gatherings, barn dances, bar-b-ques and weddings."
" Bob and Patty had always wanted to honor the agricultural legacy of the founding Stowell family. With the Souza family's Italian heritage, they were mindful that "the growing of grapes and vines is the oldest, recorded agriculture in human history."
So the Souzas decided to plant a vineyard, although wine growing had not been successfully accomplished in Tehachapi. After much study, however, they determined that the warm, breezy days, cool evenings and organic soil of the Cummings Valley made this the perfect climate for the Primitivo Zinfandel to flourish.
Over the years, the Souza Vineyard became a "family affair," and friends joined in to help nurture, prune and cultivate the tender plants by hand. The Souzas feel honored to be the first commercial vineyard in an historic agricultural valley.
Not satisfied to settle into an easier lifestyle, Patty and Bob plan to build a bed and breakfast, tasting room and gift shop."


Dan Luecke
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After Dan Luecke graduated from Notre Dame High School, he enrolled in Notre Dame University where he majored in Engineering. While at Notre Dame, Dan was on a football scholarship for four years. After his college graduation, he became a lieutenant and later a captain in the United
States Marine Corps with the 1st Marine Division and part of the amphibious assault force organized during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.
Dan's unit "sailed off the coast of Cuba, as all sides working on coming to their senses."
When his service was completed Dan returned to Notre Dame University
where he earned a Master of Science in Hydraulics and Hydrology. He taught at Notre Dame for a semester, and then entered the Ph. D. program in Water Resources and Environmental Sciences in the Division of Engineering and Applied Physics at Harvard University.
Dan taught at Harvard for four years before becoming part of an environmental consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Dan Luecke married Rosemary Wrzos in Cambridge in the 1977. In 1980 Dan, Rosemary and their son Andrew moved to Boulder, Colorado where he became the Rocky Mountain Director for an environmental organization. Since 2002, Luecke has been an independent environmental scientist and hydrologist, and according to Dan, "For the last several years I've been a consultant to a number of environmental organizations, a group of state and federal judges who deal with western water issues, and the U.S. Department of Justice."
Rosemary is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Boulder, and Andrew, their son (a graduate of Kenyon College) lives in New York City and is the administrative and research assistant to the director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College (one of the colleges within the City University of New York).
Most of Dan's work since coming to Colorado has been associated with protection of rivers like the Colorado, Platte, Missouri, Rio Grande, and Truckee. In recent years, he has also had a chance to travel to Cuba and China as part of groups discussing water resources, river protection, and hydropower.
Dan and Rosemary like to sail and hike and vacation on the Maine coastwhen they get a chance. They also like to visit their son in New York Cityand enjoy its restaurants, museums, the opera, and other New York kinds of things. The Lueckes live in Boulder, Colorado.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Spencer "Pat" Johnson
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

After graduation from Notre Dame High School in 1957, Pat Johnson entered the University of Southern California where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Later he earned a Doctorate in Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in London. He did medical clerkships at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. Later in his career Spencer Johnson became a Leadership Fellow in the Harvard Business School and an Advisor to Harvard's Center for Public Leadership.
Dr. Spencer Johnson (“Pat” to us) is one of the world's most influential thinkers and beloved authors. He is renowned for his brief, profound parables that help millions of people. The former physician's stories focus on discovering how to enjoy healthier success, with more meaning and less stress, at work and in life.
Spencer's ten international bestselling books include three #1 bestsellers: Who Moved My Cheese? An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change, the most widely read book on change; The One Minute Manager, the world's most popular management method, co-authored with Ken Blanchard; and his newest, The Present. Currently, he is revising his popular children’s’ book series, ValueTales. Over 40 million copies of Dr. Johnson's books are in print in 42 languages.
Note: The Internet bookseller announced that it's #1 all-time bestselling book, during it's first ten years of history, is Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese?
His work has captured the attention of major media, including the BBC, CNN, Fortune, New York Times, Today Show, Time magazine, and United Press International.
Referred to as "The King of Parables" by USA Today, Spencer Johnson is described as the best there is at taking complex subjects and presenting simple solutions that work. His books’ universal principles and practical tools have also made them historical record-breaking bestsellers in many countries, including China and Japan.
Our classmate lives with his wife, Lesley and two of his three sons in Hawaii and New Hampshire. Interested in the arts beyond literature, Pat has served on the Board of Directors for The Honolulu Symphony and the Advisory Board of He enjoys sports, boating, traveling, music and conversation.
Note: Spencer's brother Hugh (NDHS Class of 1958) lives in Los Angeles.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Michael "Mickey" Ridosh - Notre Dame High School - Class of 1957

Michael Ridosh graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1957. He spent two years in the United States Army, after which in 1971 he earned a Bachelor of Science at California State University, Northridge. In 1981 Mickey completed a Master of Business Administration degree at California University.
Mickey worked as a chemist in the aerospace industry, then specialized in environmental technology. He worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9 in its environmental emergency response programs in early 1980s. As of 2007, he has more than 40 years of experience in project management, environmental/hazardous materials and laboratory analysis work. He became a Certified Industrial Hygienist in 1993.
In 1994, Michael Ridosh started E-MAR Resources (
Synopsis from E-MAR's website: The company specializes in 1) indoor air quality, conducting hundreds of mold investigations in residential, commercial, and governmental buildings. Investigations have also included chemical and other biological sampling and analysis for indoor air quality problems 2) Hazardous waste site safety, providing site safety personnel for large construction projects. These have included tunneling for water mains, tank demolition for a major oil terminal, and installation of leachate and gas extraction wells on a landfill, and 3) OSHA safety training for dozens of major clients, including engineering companies, construction companies, and government agencies. Training includes the OSHA required hazmat classes such as the 40-hour site worker training, lead awareness, hazard communication, respiratory protection, first aid and CPR.
In 2007 Mickey is doing safety monitoring for film productions.
He has been married twice. In 1988 he married his present wife Renee. He has lived in and around the San Fernando Valley, including Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, since his years at Notre Dame High School. Currently he is living in Woodland Hills, California. He loves to travel and enjoys good wine. He has no children. Commenting about retirement, Mike responds "LOL!"

Friday, August 10, 2007



Charles Eberley joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Bert Falvo became a monk for awhile?
Vito Liso was in the wine business - mabey in New Mexico.

Who knows Leo Sawaaya? Does he live in the San Diego area?

Harry Lex once lived in Oregon. Who remembers anything about Harry's where abouts.

Art McCulloch asks:
Does anyone remember
Carles Valla? I remember attending his 1st Mass in Sherman Oaks, Carmelite, I believe.
Jim Yester of "The Association?"

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Anthony Susca
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957


Franciscan Friar
Junipero Serra
Preaches to the Tongva

Mosaic detail
Western Federal Building
Studio City
Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon

Many Notre Dame alumni have wives or family members who attended or were affiliated with Corvallis High School in Studio City. The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the nuns who ran Corvallis, sold the school when their Order diminished in membership. Today, the former Corvallis High School is a Japanese Buddhist educational facility.
Without an assertive alumnae group in the Valley and the presence of the sisters, the history of Corvallis is rapidly vanishing. The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is actively archiving Corvallis history.
Those interested in preserving Corvallis history are encouraged to contact Jerry Fecht of the Museum. Anchor Education (818) 609-1665

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


John DeCoster
Notre Dame High School
Class of 1957

Special thanks to Tony Fadale, who keeps his digital camera with him at social gatherings. This is the only known photograph of John DeCoster outside of the legal system. We are anxiously awaiting John's biography. JF

Monday, August 6, 2007


Gary Gierok
NDHS 1957

I know little about Gary's activites. I suspect that he may be smuggling illegal aliens. If I am mistaken, please add your comments. You need to subscribe to the Yahoo blog (free) in the process. Jerry Fecht


Dick Oliver
NDHS Class of 1957
and his

After his graduation from Notre Dame High School, Dick Oliver enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College. He earned his Bachelor's degree at California State University Northridge.
Richard Oliver married Ann O'Hare, a 1957 graduate of Bellamine -Jefferson High School in Burbank, California. They have been married for 45 years, and share two children both of whom graduated from Bishop Alemany High School in the San Fernando Valley.
The Oliver's son, Tom graduated from California State University Fresno and lives in Clovis, California Tom is often in contact with Jim Schmiederer (NDHS 1957) and his family. Their daughter, Joan married Lawrence Luke (Crespi High School 1982). She and her husband graduated from Santa Clara University in 1986. The Lukes live in San Clemente with the Olver's four grandchildren who are now attending Santa Margarita School. Ann notes, "As you can see, we have populated many of the Catholic high schools in Southern California."
Spending most of his career working for electronics and aerospace companies, Dick became a Senior Staff Accountant. During that time he worked for Litton, Lockeed and Teledyne. He worked with Joe Allegretti (NDHS Class of 1956) at Allegretti and Company.
Dick retired in 2004, and moved with his wife Ann to Sun Lakes Country Club in Banning, California. The Olivers have lived in their retirement home in Banning for three years.
You can learn about Ann Oliver's business by visiting her website at:


Dennis Borosky
Notre Dame High School - Class of 1957

Thanks to a snapshot by Tony Fadale, and the wonders of Photoshop, we have a portait of our classmate Dennis Borowsky.
If he doesn't provide us with a biography, I'll be happy to make one up for him. The last I heard of him Dennis was stomping grapes for Bob Souza.
What I do know about Dennis is that he lives in Thousand Oaks with his wife, and high school sweetheart, Bonnie.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Finally received parts for the mower and could start mowing, taking twice as ong due to density of the growth

Broke mower again. Took it to Montrose for a good fix, maybe even an electric starter.

Poured concrete, built walls, set rafters, sheeted rafters and walls and roofed new garage addition to the barn.
Waiting for electric and ground work.

Back to painting the rental house. Installed new windows in the rental. Now all of the windows are double pain.

Fair over. Marcia won many ribbons as usual. I entered the Martin Luther King tree in the holiday decoration division.

Moved the exhaust fan on the chimney to the outside. It works now but makes a funny looking chimney. I guess I'll have to design a cupola to hide it.

Mike Sarff