Thursday, August 9, 2007


Franciscan Friar
Junipero Serra
Preaches to the Tongva

Mosaic detail
Western Federal Building
Studio City
Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon

Many Notre Dame alumni have wives or family members who attended or were affiliated with Corvallis High School in Studio City. The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the nuns who ran Corvallis, sold the school when their Order diminished in membership. Today, the former Corvallis High School is a Japanese Buddhist educational facility.
Without an assertive alumnae group in the Valley and the presence of the sisters, the history of Corvallis is rapidly vanishing. The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is actively archiving Corvallis history.
Those interested in preserving Corvallis history are encouraged to contact Jerry Fecht of the Museum. Anchor Education (818) 609-1665

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