Friday, August 24, 2007


James Grove

Notre Dame High School

Class of 1957

After graduation from Notre Dame High School in 1957, Jim Grove enrolled in Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills. He studied there for two years when he accepted a position at the RCA Service Company. At RCA, Jim helped to write an instruction manual for the firing and repair of the Atlas missile. In his words, "I hated it!"
Jim began to test for fire department employment in Southern California. In March of 1964 he was hired by the Beverly Hills Fire Department. In 1978, Jim was promoted to the position of engineer. He retired from the fire department in 1993, "after 29 years and two riots. What a job!"
Jim and his wife Mary Lou have been married for 35 years. According to Jim, "Mary Lou is Irish, but I married her anyway."
-------- Editor's note: Just wait until Mary Lou reads this! --------
Jim and Mary Lou share four children and eight grandchildren. Seven of the grandchildren are boys and one is a girl. The Groves are members of St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Westlake, California. Jim works one day each week for the Los Robles Golf Course. He comments, ""Great fun! I see Dennis Borowski there."
Jim Grove and Bill Westmyer were lifelong friends. He says that, "I saw Bill Westmyer a month before he passed away. Bill and I had private pilots' licenses. We flew together a lot. Bill was a good pilot and a lot of fun. I met Bill in the first grade."
"I am looking forward to the reunion."
"God has been very good to us. We are able to travel quite a bit."

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