Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Jerry Fecht's Kitty Litter Project

These are the lids from kitty litter containers. Each has a picture of a sheep and a little relic of knotted string. (from Breton's game, the Exquistie Corpse - the birth of surrealism) Pictures of people I admire or sheep are pasted inside the lids. When things have dried, I snap in a window of clear plastic and viola.......... little portholes.

There are about 500 now.
I put them about a foot apart across the main walkway at Moorpark College. While students and others looked down at the images, I had a herd of sheep driven by. Viewers were photographed looking at the sheep, the sheep crap, or the little kitty litter windows. I replaced the chimes with Bach's "Feed My Sheep"

Art made from discarded materials pushes people's thinking. What do you think of this?
Jerry Fecht

Save your kitty litter lids for me.


Art McC said...

True Art wants to know if you play Bach on your clear plastic viola.

Gerald R. Fecht said...

True Art
I had the library chimes tape replaced with Bach. Since the music came out of the sky there were several converts.