Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Note from Jerry Fecht

Ventura Boulevard 1957 - Postcard in the collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - Gift of Gary Fredburg - 2008
"Studio City, California. This famous boulevard joins the San Fernando Valley with the blue Pacific - Highway 101.

Sorry that I haven't done a better job with this blog. I've been super involved with the struggle to keep the historic Weddington House in the San Fernando Valley instead of being removed to Heritage Square in the Arroyo Seco near Pasadena. We are trying to have the house moved to North Hollywood Park.

Be well,
Jerry Fecht


Richard said...


Keep your 'dabber up', good man!

The work you are doing with the museum is super!

Stay well and happy!

Rich Marrone

Anonymous said...

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Jack Jackson said...

Trying to reach Dave Hanna who appears on your blog. Have him contact me of you would about a reunion from Valley College, Sigma Delt Phi. Jack Jackson,