Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Bob Wunsch 2007 - Shooting Baskets in VA Gym
Robert V. Wunsch - 1957 Notre Dame High School Yearbook - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Last Wednesday I had the honor of watching our classmate, Bob Wunsch, play ball in the NDHS Alumni vs. Varsity basketball game (won by the Alums, I might add). Bob was the oldest guy on the court (maybe in the whole darn gym) by 20 years. The next oldest alum was class of '77 with a couple of guys from the late 80's with the majority being from the 90's and 2000's!

After a couple of times racing down the floor with these teens and twentysomethings Bob got smart and just "cherrypicked" by the Alums offensive basket!
Unfortunately that racing down the floor threw off his shooting touch and he went 0 for 2 from the field.

The really amazing part of all this is Bob had half his lung removed last year as a result of lung cancer. Frank Reichwein and I were there to make sure Bob didn't keel over on the court. We asked the equipment manager if he had oxygen and a defibrillator handy. For some strange reason he never answered us. I guess he thought the question was too macabre! In any case we were really proud Bob held up and the rest of the alums gave him a big hand.

Bob indicated he tried to get in touch with the guys from the '57 class who played basketball and no one wanted to join him! Go figure! My response to Bob was "I'm 68 years old, with high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and type 2 diabetes. I can think of less strenuous ways to kill myself." Actually drinking some of Bob Sousa's delicious Tehachapi wines would be less strenuous and immensely more pleasurable.

In any case I have to say loud and clear "Way to go Wunschman, you're the tops!"

Joe Wetter

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